Santa Themed Cat Names

Christmas is right around the corner – and what could be more wonderful than celebrating the holiday by adopting a cat? (Please note: deciding to welcome a pet into your life is a serious decision, only bring home a cat or kitten if you are prepared to give it a forever family. Read this article to help decide if this is the right time for you and your family.  Read this article to prepare for adoption, so your cat is comfortable ). If you decide the answer is “yes” then naming your cat with a Santa themed name could be a fun way to remember this special time of year, all year round. Here are some purrfect cat names for you!

Santa Claus – Ideal for any sweet tempered cat, especially one who gets along with children.

Here is how Santa Claus is known, in a few countries around the world:

  • France – Pere Noel
  • Brazil – Papai Noel
  • Germany – Weihnactsmann (known as “Christmas Man”)
  • Italy – Babbo Natale
  • Spain – Papa Noel

Santa Claus is also known as:

  • Saint Nicholas – originating from 16th century England and known as a big man, wearing green or scarlet robes that were lined with fur. He represented the good spirit of Christmas, reminding people to share delicious food, drink, celebration and to enjoy peace and joy. The Feast of Saint Nicholas first held on the 6th of December but was then moved to the 25th, to be held along with Christmas.
  • Saint Nick – This Santa Claus figure was known as a 4th Century Greek Christian bishop of Myra, which is now part of Turkey. Saint Nicholas was especially known for his kind gifts to the poor. In the Middle Ages, children were given gifts on Saint Nick day, held on December 6th.
  • Father Christmas – Shown in the 17th century first as an old and happy man, celebrating Christmas.
  • Kris Kringle or Santa – Other well-known names for Santa Claus

    You can name your cat after one of Santa Claus’ speedy reindeer

  • Dasher – Give this name to a speedy cat who runs like greased lightning. Dasher is known as Santa’s fastest reindeer. It also is the ideal name for a lucky and smart cat as Dasher is the winner of the reindeer games in the poem “Twas the Night Before Christmas.”
  • Dancer – This is the purrfect name to give your sweet and so pretty female cat. Or a good looking male cat. Dancer is the most lovely looking reindeer but does not know it.
  • Prancer – Do you have an extremely well behaved cat? (all cats are good, of course!) Prancer is a reindeer who simply wants to be good at all times.
  • Vixen – Now if your cat is always coming up with antics or somehow seems to play practical jokes on you (or the other cats), then Vixen is the purrfect cat name for them. Vixen is the reindeer who loves getting into a little bit of mischief before flying off with Santa’s sleigh.
  • Comet – Does your cat seem to get a wise look in their eyes, as if they know the secrets of the Universe? Comet is known as the most serious of the reindeer and it will come as no surprise that he loves astronomy.
  • Cupid – If you have a sweet cat who is a little shy, then consider Cupid as the purrfect Santa Claus themed name for them. Cupid is known as the shy reindeer of the group.
  • Donner – Do you have a cat who likes to have adventures with your other cats? Donner is the reindeer who wanted to be the fastest reindeer and kept trying to win at races.
  • Blitzen – This Santa Claus cat name sounds like a cat who would be a bit wild and even silly. It might surprise you to know that Blitzen the reindeer is known as the one who could always fix any argument in the bunch. So if you have several cats and adopt one more, this could be a purrfect cat name to choose for your latest feline.
  • let’s not forget Rudolph!

    Here are some other Santa Claus themed names to choose from:

  • Mrs. Claus – a purrfect name for your female cat, especially one who is the “Mama” of the bunch.
  • Elf – If you have a charming, sweet and playful cat or kitten then this could be a great cat name to choose.
  • Jolly – Everyone knows that Santa Claus is jolly and he says “Ho-Ho-Ho!” while flying through the skies. If you have a cat that makes everyone feel joyful all the time, this could be a terrific cat name.
  • Holly – A purrfect Santa Claus themed cat name, especially to pair with “Jolly.


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