Himalayan Cat Names

Although some marriages are made in heaven, others are the result of a little matchmaking. Such is the case with the Himalayan Persian cat. Cat Fancy boards have struggled for years over the issue of whether the Himalayan constitutes a free-standing breed.
To date, the dual name indicates the great debt Himalayan personality, appearance and demeanor owed to the Persian as well as Siamese breeds.
While the name Himalayan suggests a history of origin, Himalayans were originally the results of crossbreeding between Persian and Siamese cats.

The Himalayan name is more suggestive of purely visual resonance with the Pallas cat, Felis manui, a wild inhabitant of the Tibetan steppes. Like “elephant seal” or “lady-killer,” the name is highly evocative without a biological or behavioral basis.
Himalayans display the best characteristics of two beloved breeds. Quiet and companionable, stocky and graceful, with the open, attentive features of the Persian, the Himalayan also uses the breed’s luxurious fur to show off the wonders of Siamese colorings.
Although behavior may reflect the quiet reserve of Persian ancestors, Himalayans score high on feline intelligence scales, just like their ancestors. This accounts for Cat Fancy’s classification of the Himalayan as a Longhaired Colorpoint.

Markings are the familiar Seal, Chocolate, Lilac, and Blue, with a particular interest in Red, Flame, and Cream pointings. Himalayan markings can include Tabby, Lynx, and Tortoiseshell (Tortie) pointings as well.

Combing on a daily basis and frequent bathing keeps Himalayan coats at top beauty. While this seems like a lot of work, enthusiastic Himalayan owner Martha Stewart says grooming chores are quickly accomplished with these cooperative cats.

  • Cinnamon – Now this name is purrfect especially for Himalayan cats, because this is one of the types of coat colors they can have. It’s also a very charming name to give your feline, when you feel they have that extra touch of spice!
  • Cocoa – Is your Himalayan cat extra sweet? We’re not surprised, this cat breed is known for being friendly and super sociable. Choose this yummy name for your lovely kitty.
  • Java – do you have a Himalayan cat who is always on-the-go, whether to greet the mailman when he drops off the mail, or the cat visits every window in the morning to watch the birds and dream about catching them? Who needs caffeine when you’re a cat?
  • Marshmallow – One thing your Himalayan cat is known for is being a bit bigger than a typical cat. They are soft and fluffy and yes, big! So, give them this purrfect cat name, Marshmallow and then cuddle up with them!
  • photo (c) Eeshari at Flickr
  • Fox – Is your cat super smart? Like knowing exactly when you come home, even though you arrive at different times each day? Here is a purrfect cat name for your feline.
  • Rabbit – Do you have a super active kitty, who loves playing and having little adventures, whether inside the house or outside? Choose Rabbit for their name.
  • Satin – One thing Himalayan cats are known for is having simply stunning coats of fun. You’ve got to gently brush their fur regularly. Satin is a lovely name to give them, reminding people to admire their beauty.
  • Silky – Not only does a Himalayan cat have a stunning coat of fun, but it feels so silky soft! If you and everyone in your family love to pat your cat or kitten, this is an ideal name to give them. Who can resist a cat named Silky?
  • Cashmere – Does your cat love that extra touch of luxury? Then Cashmere is that purrfect cat name for them! Because not everyone wears it, certainly not every cat that is for sure. But we know that this name fits your Himalayan exactly.
  • Butterfly – One thing that so many admire about the Himalayan breed is that they are super social. This is the type of cat who is going to come up and greet new people, to get to know them. So, Butterfly is the ideal name for your friendly feline.



There have been some well-known Himalayan cats, who may inspire that purrfect cat name for you:

  • Who can’t forget Mr. Jinx, a.k.a. “Jinxy” from that hilarious movie ‘Meet The Parents’ who is a stunning Himalayan cat that everyone admired? Now we can’t promise that your cat will be able to flush the toilet like Jinxy can, or be able to bring a future couple together, but we bet he’ll make everyone smile!
  • Hector – Love vintage cartoons? In the 1984 TV cartoon Heathcliff, the character Hector is a beautiful, brown Himalayan.
  • Dickens – If you’re a fan of Charles Dickens, then yes, this would be a purrfect cat name. But actually, this name is inspired by a TV mystery series from the 1980s called Tucker’s Witch, which had a cat named Dickens. The cat was owned by Amanda Tucker on the show and the cat Dickens would actually help give clues to solve the mysteries! This is purrfect if you have a feline who can solve just about any puzzle, like how to open the treat jar without making a single sound.
  • Are you a Martha Stewart fan? You could name them after her own 3 stunning Himalayan cats, BeethovenMozart, and Bartok. These 3 felines have led a stylish and luxe life, appearing both in her magazine and on her TV show. We’re not sure if your cat will be able to create fabulous crafts or cook yummy recipes, but they will certainly be fantastic cats with these names!
  • Let’s not forget the internet mega-star Colonel Meow, who himself is a Himalayan-Persian cat. So, if you feel that your cat is just destined for stardom, whether on the ‘net or your neighborhood block or simply rocking it on the living room couch, this is a great name to give them!

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