Female Cat Names

Have you recently adopted a female cat, and are now looking for that purrfect name for them?

There are many terrific female cat names to choose from, we’ve created a collection for you to consider as you make your choice.

Remember to think about your cat or kitten’s purrsonality and things that make them stand out from other cats, such as the markings or color of their fur.

Share your favorite female cat names with us in the comments below!

  • Missi – This is a sweet and feminine name for your female cat. Another great choice to consider is Melissa, which is a little more formal but is also a very feminine name.
  • Pink – Most of us know the fun rocker Pink, she’s outrageous, beautiful, and has such wonderful style. So why not name your female cat Pink? You can also choose this name because you love this color too!
  • Wendi – This is a more modern twist on the classic name Wendy, and we think it makes a purrfectly delightful cat or kitten name. Your cat named Wendi will always have purrfect manners, even when asking for a treat.
  • Lacey – Another feminine name, and one that is slightly old fashioned but we think it is an excellent choice for your new cat or kitten. Try it for your female cat who loves to cuddle, especially one who loves soft fabrics.
  • Mascara – Are you and your kitty glam girls? Then choose a name like Mascara that reminds you of getting pretty every day. Just don’t ever try to put the mascara on the cat – or something really, really scary is going to happen…we promise!
  • Fluffy – Aren’t some cats just fluffy and puffy? Name your female cat Fluffy to remind you of how feminine she is.
  • Try a jewel themed name, these have been popular for years. Some to choose from include Ruby, Pearl, Opal, Jade, Sapphire, Diamond and of course Jewel. Your cat with this name with always be precious – and Precious is a lovely name also!
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Don’t say we didn’t warn you, but giving your kitty a flower name doesn’t always mean they are going to be super dainty, like the little girl who drinks out of a teacup. More like the cat who climbs to the very top of the trees! But if you aren’t afraid of heights, try Hyacinth, Ivy or Daisy for a few pretty flower names.

Naming your female cat after a princess sets an automatically regal tone right from the start. You could name her after the beautiful and lovely Princess Diana or the classic and stylish Princess Grace of Monaco.

Royal themed names are a popular and purrfect choice for many female cats. Consider Princess, Queen, Duchess, or Empress. Now everyone will know exactly who “rules the roost” in your home, with an iron paw!

  • Cupcake – A name that is both cute and sweet. We think your cat or kitten named Cupcake can’t help but be adorable and yummy. But we don’t recommend taking a bite out of this Cupcake! Just pat her!
  • Bellini – If you love this summer cocktail of peaches and champagne, why not indulge yourself and name your new female kitty after it? This drink has an orange color to it, so especially consider it for cats or kittens with orange in their coats. Or those who are luxurious! Try other fun summer cocktails names like Margarita or Cosmo.
  • Peeptoe – We don’t have to tell shoe lovers just how fabulous those peeptoe shoes are, especially for showing off your new manicure. Try this purrfect cat name if you and your kitty are glam girls and you love the latest styles. Just don’t be surprised if your new cat or kitten wants to play with the shoebox!
  • Bikini – Summer is one of our favorite seasons – it’s so easy to smile and the sun is out all the time. So why not give your female cat a name that reminds you of this season – and what you love to wear? Bikini is a cute female cat name to choose!
  • Tinkerbelle – Who among us hasn’t clapped to show that we believe in fairies? Tink is one of the most naughty and fun fairies around, from the story Peter Pan. This is charming, purrfect name to give your female cat.
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