Tonkinese Cat Names

Who can resist a lovely Tonkinese cat or kitten? There is a lot to love about this cat breed!
This is a fantastic choice if you had kids or grandkids, as the Tonkinese cats are super friendly and gentle with children. These felines also are especially known for being playful just about 24/7 – so be prepared to give them lots of playtime, toys, a cat tree to climb, and activities to keep them occupied! They are naturally curious, and their minds naturally lead them to look for playful (NOT destructive!) activities. So, if you choose this cat, know you have a cat that is going to want to have fun all the time.

Your Tonkinese also really does not like to be left alone. Why do they simply love to spend time with their pet parent and family? They also are friendly and gentle when meeting new people. So, this is most likely not a cat or kitten who will hide under the sofa when you have your book club over. Instead, they will meow and slink around, hoping for friendly greetings & lots of patting!

Tonkinese breeders seek to recede gracefully from the body-type and color extremes that have increasingly dominated some competitive breeding. What is “old” about a Tonkinese is the more robust body silhouette of traditional Siamese and Burmese cats. Cats remain slender without becoming model-thin, retaining the muscle-development that defines the athleticism of most Orientals. Tonkinese retain the curiosity, energy and verbosity of traditional Siamese and Burmese cats, making them affectionate but playful companions. They are people-oriented and easily bored if left alone for long periods of time. Unlike their traditional ancestors, Tonkinese tend to lack self-defense strategies or any sense of potential predators. This “new” trait means they are best kept indoors at all times.

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What is “new” in appearance is a softer color-palette, emphasizing mink tones and subtle shadings. Tonkinese, while sometimes displaying gold or green eyes, are increasingly bred for a unique light-blue eyeshade, known as aquamarine. The lightened eye color and softer markings give Tonkinese cats an ethereal quality and appealing air of gentleness. From its first appearance in America in the 1930s, through extensive breeding in the 1960s and 1970s, Tonkinese have made soft but steady strides as part of the Oriental family.


  • Tofu – Do you lead a super healthy & active lifestyle? Well, your Tonkinese cat wants to also! They love to be active and playful. Here is a purrfect cat name for them.
  • Jasmine – If you’ve chosen a female Tonkinese cat or kitten, here is a very feminine flower themed name for them.
  • Flower – Another lovely choice for your female Tonkinese cat or kitten. A delightful and feminine name!
  • Camille – Flower names have become very popular. Here is another, especially for your female cat.
  • Daffodil – Did you adopt your female cat in the Spring? This is a lovely feminine cat name for them.
  • Ginger – Does your cat have a little extra spice to them? Why not give them a name that shows this exciting quality?
  • Sweetie – Now Tonkinese cats are especially known for being sweet and playful. This is an ideal cat name to give them.
  • Marilyn Monroe – This vintage actress was known for having platinum blonde hair and a wonderful sense of humor. Your Tonkinese cat has a light coat color and is super playful, very entertaining. We think this is the purrfect name for her!
  • Cary Grant – Such an elegant actor! If you have a male Tonkinese, this is a purrfect cat name for them. Everyone will notice them when they walk into the room. Will they dance or sing?
  • Reese Witherspoon – A wonderful actress known for having a great sense of humor. This is a great name for your Tonkinese cat or kitten, especially if they are super playful.
  • Grace Kelly – Does your female Tonkinese have a certain elegance and special quality? Choose this delightful cat name for them.
  • Latte – Anyone seeing a Tonkinese’s cat coat would easily know it looks quite similar to a Latte drink. If you’re a coffee drinker and love your feline, this could be a purrfect choice.
  • Macchiato – Here’s another purrfect coffee themed cat name.
  • Clown – Is your Tonkinese cat or kitten always playful and super active? If they make you smile and giggle, why not call them Clown?
  • Vegas – Now if your Tonkinese’s antics are really over the top, being super playful, here is a great name for them!
  • Howie Mandel – An extremely funny comic and this could be a terrific cat name for your male Tonkinese cat or kitten.
  • Seinfeld – Do you have a male Tonkinese cat or kitten who always makes your laugh? Choose this purrfect cat name.
  • Hollywood – Does your Tonkinese cat have a special type of glamour at all times? Here’s a stunning cat name for them.
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  • Happy – We have to agree, that Tonkinese cats make us all happy. So, this is a great cat or kitten name to pick!
  • Bunny – Do you want an especially sweet name for your cat or kitten? Choose this one for them.
  • Snuggles – Love to cuddle your Tonkinese? They are known for being snuggly kitties.
  • Sneakers – If your Tonkinese cat or kitten is really active, this is a great name to pick for them. Why it’s as if some cats really do wear sneakers!
  • Moo – Here’s a super cute name to pick for your Tonkinese cat. Pick this one if they are very friendly.
  • Tiger – Some tigers have light coats, just like a Tonkinese cat. So, this is a great name to pick.
  • Panda – Pandas are known for being super playful. We love this name for Tonkinese cats!
  • Koala – Now Koalas are known for being extra cuddly. And your Tonkinese kittens are very snuggly! So, pick this name for them!

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