Big Cat Names

If your kitty is a big hunka chunka luv, then you want that purrfect name that just cuddles up to them right from the start. Sort of the way your kitty cuddles up when you open that can of cat food first thing in the morning.
Dontcha worry, we’ve got plenty of big cat names you’ll love for your chunk o’ kitty. (note: we aren’t encouraging you to overfeed any cat by any definition. If you look at some cats, some just look chubby right from the get go – and others simply make it a matter of point never, ever to miss a meal no matter what you do!)

  • Bubba – Is your cat a “good ol’ boy” who seems ready to play with kitty toys? Bubba could be the purrfect cat name for them!
  • Max – This is a purrfect name for your big, friendly, and outgoing cat. Remember the boy Max from Where The Wild Things Are? He certainly had some fun adventures, and went home to find his dinner still waiting for him, something any kitty would admire.
  • Gus – An old-fashioned name that somehow seems suitable for your big cat or kitten. Remember your cat could seem big simply because they have a big personality. Choose a name that compliments them to a “T.”
  • Gorilla – Any cat you name Gorilla will be one adorable and cuddly big kitty! We also think it will be difficult to get your Gorilla out of your easy chair or off the couch when they have claimed its spot to take a nap, but any animal can be a bit territorial.
  • Joey – A Joey is a baby kangaroo, and still a pretty big animal. It’s also one that is totally adorable, you’ll never forget the sight of one if you’ve seen them. This is the purrfect Big Cat name for your big kitten or cat, especially a super active one.
  • Tiny – Some people like opposite names and who could resist calling a big cat Tiny? Everyone will smile when they meet your adorable cat or kitten.
  • Penelope – This pretty and feminine name is ideal for your female big cat or kitten. She’s probably very graceful and a bit dainty.
  • Pork Chop – Now don’t take a fork to this yummy Pork Chop, or he’ll swing a paw at you! Try this name for your sweet, brown, or honey-colored big cat. It’s the purrfect name for a cat who is known for its funny antics.
  • Meatloaf – We don’t think you should take a bite out of this Meatloaf either, or it will start to hiss and the claws will come out. It’s the purrfect name, especially for a cat who is a bit on the round-ish side or one who is extra cuddly.
  • Moon – A cat or kitten named Moon is likely to be quite peaceful and serene. Try this purrfect cat name for your white or light gray cat. It could also be ideal for a white, long-haired cat like a Persian cat.
  • Scarlett – Remember Gone With The Wind’s heroine, Scarlett? Dramatic, flirtatious and no one dared get in her way. Try this perfect cat name for your big cat or kitten for a female cat, especially one with lovely green eyes – just like Scarlett from the book and movie.
  • Pumpkin – This is a purrfect name for a big cat, as an adorable orange cat who is also big will find this name suits them to a “T.” We can see a cat named Pumpkin to have a very sweet and friendly disposition.
  • Muffin – Muffins are yummy and sweet. Why not name your big cat or kitten Muffin to remind you of the way you like to start out your morning with your favorite breakfast treat?
  • Princess – We think any cat named Princess is going to remind you that they are royalty. Whether you are filling their food dish or brushing their fur, you are in the presence of royalty. But then again, what cat doesn’t have a touch of royalty in them?
  • Baby  – Your cat is wonderful and precious, just like a baby. So why not name them Baby? This name is good in a tongue-in-cheek way if you find your big cat to be a bit extra spoiled, or love to spoil them!
  • Peaches – This is the purrfect cat name for a fun and silly kitty. If you love watching her antics, give her the name Peaches. We already know she is super sweet, but any cat named Peaches is also going to be quite entertaining too!
  • King – Is your cat as if he is royal born? Give him the title of King and watch him swagger. Every cat is certainly King of the Jungle, and no cat is more so than a big cat!
  • Queen – Every cat is a bit of a Diva and has a touch of royalty in them. Try Queen as their purrfect cat name and watch them go looking for their crown next to their food dish.
  • Sweetie – We think any big cat or kitten you name Sweetie is certainly going to be sweet natured. Try this name for your mild and kind tempered kitty.

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