Sew Cute Cat Names

Do you like to sew or enjoy crafts? Then a Sew Cute cat name could be the purrfect choice for your new cat or kitten.

There’s something so cozy about sewing and needle crafts, after all, you’re working with fabric – and cats adore fabric! Many cat lovers who do this type of craft work are often finding their biggest challenge is their lil’ four-footed “helper” who snoozes in their scraps basket or cuddles up on their latest quilt or fabric masterpiece.

Here are some sewing themed cat names for you to choose from. Add yours in the comments below!

  • Patches – This name is purrfect especially for a cat or kitten with a slightly splotchy coat that looks well, kind of like they are wearing patches in their fur. Patches are homey, cozy and old-fashioned. You could expect a cat or kitten named Patches to be one that is easy to snuggle up with at the end of the day with a hot mug of tea or cocoa, and your favorite sewing project!
  • Corduroy – Now many cats actually adore this type of fabric if you’ve ever worn it, you’ll discover that cats and kittens want to knead their paws and claws deep into the nubs of the fabric. A very popular fall and winter weather fabric choice, often coming in jewel tones and a variety of fall leaf shades. Choose Corduroy for your cat name if you have a cuddly cat who prefers to be a lap cat.
  • Velvet – This fabric is often used for fancy dress clothing, especially holiday dresses for young girls and women. You’ll especially see it during the winter months, around Christmastime. Choose this Sew Cute cat name for your super soft cat, one that you’ve found during the winter months. If you’ve found a cat that you just can’t resist patting, then Velvet could be their purrfect name!
  • Chenille – A soft, nubby fabric often worn during the fall and winter months. It has become quite popular in recent years and you can typically find sweaters and tops made from Chenille in bright and pastel shades. Try Chenille for a cat or kitten’s name when you’ve found that sweet kitty who is active, smart and always the life of the party!
  • Fuzzy – Cats (and people too!) love fuzzy things to cuddle up with. So why not name your cat Fuzzy? It’s an especially good name if you’ve chosen a super soft or a long-haired cat. Some cat breeds are known for having extra thick coats like Burmese cats. Your cat named Fuzzy will always be friendly and make everyone smile.
  • Satin – This is a very classic purrfect cat name, to say that a cat’s coat is as smooth and as soft as satin. It’s also an old-fashioned fabric, beloved by many. While admittedly you don’t see it used as often in clothing and other items, many simply adore Satin when they do find it. So if you’d like a slightly vintage, old-fashioned and classic cat name, choose Satin for your irresistibly pattable cat.
  • Ruffles – There’s something about a cat named Ruffles that makes everyone smile. This is a super friendly cat who easily makes friends with the next-door neighbor’s beagle and can be sociable with everyone in your book club. The purrfect cat name for a cat or kitten with a fun patterned coat, with splotches, stripes or a combination of such.
  • Buttons – This is another old-fashioned cat and pet name. Buttons have been used in sewing for a very long time, and the saying “as cute as a button” is very well known. Try this purrfect cat name for your smaller cat or kitten. Just don’t give your feline any actual buttons to play with!
  • Paisley – Naming your cat Paisley? Wow! This is a fancy, splashy name, just like its pretty pattern. Once you see Paisley you easily remember it – and that’s how everyone feels when they meet your purrfectly adorable cat or kitten. This is a cat or kitten who is chock full of purrsonality and charm.

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