Comfort Food Cat Names

Ahh, there’s something so good about comfort food. And there’s nothing more cozy and comforting than a cat. A cat who can cuddle up to you, who will listen to you for hours, and whose lively antics always make you smile. So it’s easy to see comfort food as a fun theme for cat names!

Many will readily admit to having one (or several) favorite comfort foods. Naming your cat after a comfort food many instantly give you – and others who meet your cat – an instant, comforting and cozy feeling. It may even make you feel like serving that comfort food, and consider sharing a bite with your new cuddly friend. But not every comfort food is meant for cat consumption, so use your best judgment & ask your vet before letting your cat dig into your favorite dish!

Here are some cozy and comforting cat names we know you’ll like. Choose a comfort food name for your cat!

  • Macaroni – This kid friendly favorite is a very popular comfort food. There’s also something so fun about simply saying “Macaroni,” it just rolls off your tongue easily. We can imagine a lively and happy cat with this great comfort food name.
  • Cheese – Who doesn’t love cheese as comfort food? Most often found in white, cream, yellow, gold, and orange, it is also easy to imagine a cat’s coat in many of these shades. Consider giving your cat the name of your favorite cheese, like Cheddar or Brie if you wish.
  • Potato – Now this name just makes us smile. Most of us have heard the phrase “couch potato” and while cats do lazy about it, most cats are anything but couch potatoes. But when a cat decides to lie down for a snooze, it truly can be a real potato if they feel like it! This delicious comfort food makes a great cat name.
  • Chocolate – We can easily imagine an adorable brown or brown speckled cat named Chocolate. This is one of the most popular comfort foods around that many turn to. Chocolate is often a luxury item, something you give yourself as a treat, making this name have a luxe appeal for many.
  • Chocolat – This is the French translation of Chocolate, as mentioned above. A sweet and delicious comfort food!
  • Pudding – Now everyone loves pudding, from kids to adults. Pudding could be a great name for the family cat. Pudding comes in a variety of flavors so it is easy to see this complimented in a cat’s coat colors or patterns.
  • Peanut Butter – This kid friendly favorite comfort food is a great cat name. It’s perfect for a brown or brown speckled cat. Certainly, a cat named Peanut Butter would be one known for memorable antics.
  • PB & J – As a kid (or even an adult) this may have been your favorite sandwich, and what more perfect comfort food themed cat name could there be? A funny cat would be named PB&J, always looking for another adventure.
  • Spaghetti – A great comfort food themed name to give your cat. If this is a favorite meal in your family, it is easy to see why you would pick this as the cat’s name. There’s something about Spaghetti that just makes you happy.
  • Meatball – This is a fun comfort food name for a cat. Spaghetti and Meatball would be perfect Pairs cat names. It’s easy to see this cat being a little goofy and silly, the one who is always ready to play.
  • Pizza – Another favorite comfort food, both loved by kids and adults. Pizza comes in many flavors and styles, even dessert style Pizzas too! Try this name for a cat with a multi colored coat, especially one with a very friendly, sociable personality.
  • Gravy – While gravy on its own isn’t a food, many consider adding this to things (meat or potatoes) as the ultimate comfort food and indulgence. So what could be more wonderful than a cat named after your favorite indulgent comfort food? Just as gravy gets on everything on your plate, so does cat hair, on the sofa, on your sweater, or anywhere else. Somehow naming a cat Gravy seems quite fitting!
  • Butter – Again, this isn’t a food most of us would eat on its own – solo. But it is a beloved comfort food and an occasional indulgence. A cat named Butter would certainly have a sweet temperament and a friendly personality, able to get along with many other cats and people, just as Butter compliments many other types of foods and meals.
  • Peanut – Often peanuts are a comfort food snack and a real treat. This is the perfect name for a smaller cat or one that just seems so adorable. It could be a great name for a light tan or brown speckled cat, but any coat color or pattern could be great with this comfort food-themed name.

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