Animal Inspired Cat Names

Does your lil’ kitty have a big ol’ tiger or fierce lion in him? Or what about the active antics of a monkey? Animal names are often the purrfect choice for cat names because you can capture your cat’s personality and physical description so well. You have many choices for animal inspired cat names, here are a few of our favorites that will describe many adorable cats – from big to small to serious to silly and everything in between!

Personally, I’m a big fan of animal inspired cat names. I recently named my new kitten Penguin (he’s the cat in the photo). He’s sweet and very playful and I thought this fit a Penguin’s personality. His black and white coat pattern also reminded me of a Penguin’s coat.

  • Monkey – If you have the feeling your kitty would prefer to swing from the kitchen curtains, then Monkey could be the purrfect cat name for them!
  • Panda – Many love Pandas, they look so cuddly and sweet. If you have a black and white cat who is a total cuddle bear, then this name could be a terrific choice.
  • Bear – Adopted a big cat or kitten? Or one with a rather large meow? Bear would be a fitting purrfect cat name, letting everyone know that this cat is bigger than the rest.
  • Wolf – Wolves are pack animals and very loyal, this is a great cat name for a new cat or kitten in a multi-cat home for your friendly cat. Also a good name for a grey cat or one you’ve adopted in winter months.
  • Cub – Aren’t baby animals adorable? If you’ve adopted a small cat or kitten, then Cub could be the purrfectly fitting name for them.
  • Tiger – Everyone will know that your kitty is extra fierce and still totally cuddly when you name them Tiger. The purrfect name for your orange and/or striped cat or kitten and especially one with a large meow!
  • Lion – What better name for your cat or kitten could there be than naming them after the King of the Jungle? Everyone knows that lions are regal, royal and totally rule!
  • Leopard – These sleek & quick cats are as fast as lightning and have such beautiful coat patterns too. If you have a super fast kitty and/or one with a spotted or pretty coat pattern, consider naming them Leopard.
  • Lamb— Is your cat or kitten as sweet as a lil ol’ lamb? Then this could be the purrfect cat name for them! Lambs are also adorable. This is a terrific choice also, especially for your white, grey or black cat as lambs often come in these colors.
  • Whale— If your cat seems to take up a lot of space, even if they are tiny, then we’ve got the purrfect cat name for you! Whales are very communicative and have gentle temperaments, well, most of the time. And they are big!
  • Piranha – Does your cat or kitten eat everything that isn’t nailed down? Consider naming them Piranha, after an animal that really knows how to consume.
  • Shark – Does your cat or kitten seem to “lurk” into a room or have excellent hunting skills? Then Shark could be the purrfect cat name for them if you are looking for an animal inspired cat name. Sharks are one of them most effective hunters you’ll find in the ocean. There are small sharks and bigger sharks, they come in a variety of colors.
  • Butterfly – Now this is a fun name for your new cat or kitten! Some may even think of the popular phrase “social butterfly,” for someone who is very popular and if your cat is very charming and sociable then this cat name could be the purrfect fit for them also.
    Butterflies are very fast, active and often have pretty patterns on them. If you have a cat with a pretty coat pattern who never stops moving, this could be a terrific cat name for them!
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Another fun twist on an animal name – translate it into a foreign language!  Try choosing your favorite foreign language or the country of origin for the cat’s breed or the animal you are naming it for!

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