Balinese & Javanese Cat Names

Occasionally the intricacies of historic cat-breeding and the factors determining whether a particular cat is a new breed or merely a type of an existing breed can lead a new or potential cat-owner to fatigue or confusion. It’s easy to follow an urge to leave the room for something soothing—like a cat-nap.

Even at the height of confusion, however, it is important to recognize the contributions dedicated breeders have made to the health, beauty, and longevity of many beautiful animals, especially pets like cats. The Javanese cat is exactly one of these lovely felines we can easily admire.
The breeding of Javanese cats took decades and a lot of time and effort. But we can see that it is certainly well worth it! This is a super sweet feline who will always be your friend. If you are looking for a cat or kitten who will greet you at the door when you come home from school with a little “meow” or a happy, rumbly purr – your Javanese cat or kitten is a great choice.

You can to the Head of the Class with Javanese cats too, as they are extremely smart. This is the cat who will always figure out if you moved the treat jar and exactly where it is. They’ll also know it’s you, waving the feather toy instead of the feather, dancing in the air for them to play with! Oh, of course, they will play though. We need to also mention that these cats are really, really playful! Spend time playing with them every day and expect to give them toys & fun activities to do while you are busy. They need to keep their feline smarts busy & engaged, they are happy cats!

Here are some purrfect cat names for your Javanese cats or kittens. Mention yours in the comments!

Buddy – Your Javanese cat or kitten is super loyal. So, you can 110% count on them to be your buddy. This is a great name for them.

Pavarotti – Name your cat after an Opera singer? If they’re a Javanese cat or kitten, you’re going to hear them meowing so beautifully, ‘talking’ to you, so this is a purrfect name for a feline.

Clown – Want a name that makes you smile every time your cat enters the room? Choose this one. Your Javanese cat is super playful, so you’re going to be very entertained by their antics.

Seinfeld – One of the most popular male comics who made so many of us laugh. If you love the playful side of your Javanese male kitten, here is the purrfect name for them.

Ellen (DeGeneres) – She’s one of the best-known female comics who makes us laugh. If your Javanese cat or kitten’s playful side makes you giggle all the time, here’s a great name for her.

Einstein – Don’t be surprised if you’ve got a super brainy feline on your hands! Javanese cats are extremely smart. Now if only they could figure out how to work a calculator and an ATM machine…..

Steve (Jobs) – Does your Javanese cat or kitten love to cuddle up on your computer keyboard, or knock your cellphone onto the floor? Javanese cats are extremely smart. Here’s a purrfect cat name for them!

Bear – Here’s a fun name for your Javanese cat. They are very snuggly and cuddly. Name them after “bear hugs” and give them that purrfect name that lets everyone know this!

Sweetie Pie – Is your Javanese cat or kitten super cuddly? We’re not surprised, this is something they do all the time. Give your cat or kitten a name that shows this sweet side to them.

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