Crunchy Granola Cat Names

Are you looking for a cat name that will not only be purrfect – but also be in complete harmony with the Universe? Then you probably are looking for a Crunchy Granola Cat Name!

We say this in a lighthearted and fun way. After all, we’ve known quite a few buddies – with and without fur who’ve had names quite like the ones on this list!

One of the best things about choosing a Crunchy Granola Cat Name is that people will notice the sweet spirit of your feline when they first meet them. There are many of these purrfect names that simply make you smile – and what a wonderful way to be introduced to your cat!

  • Sunshine – What could be more fun than a cat named Sunshine? This purrfect cat name is ideal for that sunny and happy cat. It could also be good for a cat with a bigger than most purrsonality.
  • Summer – If your cat was born or adopted during the summer months, then this could be a great name to choose for them. This could also be a purrfect cat name for your kitty if they have a purrsonality like summer – they prefer to be active outdoors and have a warm purrsonality.
  • Rain – Now no one is comparing your cat to a rainy day! But many people love this Crunchy Granola name, rain is pure & natural, it helps flowers to grow and provides animals & birds with water to drink. Everyone notices the beauty that rain helps to create. Rain could be your purrfect cat name!
  • Amber – This kitty name could be the purrfect choice, especially for brown cats or honey blonde colored cats, which will remind you of that beautiful amber color. But many choose this cat name because this gemstone is warm & fiery and your feline could have that type of purrsonality.
  • Spring – What cat makes you smile as much as a beautiful spring day? Why, your cat of course! That’s why this purrfect cat name could be the ideal choice. One of the best reasons to choose this kitty name is that spring is a busy and active season. Some cats and kittens just seem like they’ve always got something to do – and this could be the purrfect cat name for them.
  • Hope – Now this is a very popular Crunchy Granola name and a quite inspiring one to give your kitty! There is a saying, “Hope is a thing with feathers” – but we know that around any cat, hope could also be something with fur too!
  • Rainbow – Another extremely popular Crunchy Granola name and a vibrant one indeed to pick. This is the purrfect choice especially for cats or kittens who have a stunning coat pattern. It is also the ideal choice for that cat who has a larger-than-life purrsonality and you want a name to match them to a “T.”
  • Happiness – There’s something about naming your cat Happiness that makes you smile. And why wouldn’t you smile each time you think about or see your cat? So its the purrfect choice, to compliment your adorable and sweet cat. Purrfect for the kitty with a kind and happy disposition.
  • Moon – Everyone knows that cats and kittens are nocturnal beasts. So why not give them them the purrfect cat name that lets everyone know your feline will be up at night, stalking through the garden or the home while the moonbeams dance across the floor.
  • Lunar – There’s something about this purrfect cat name that makes us think that a cat named Lunar is going to be a non stop adventure. Like the cat who likes to climb into the washing machine and walk around in circles, just because he can do it.
  • Sun – The purrfect cat name for your golden or blonde colored kitty, especially one with a BIG purrsonality!
  • Sky – If your cat loves wide open spaces, then Sky could be a good name for them. This is the purrfect choice for a feline who loves adventure and often goes farther than the garden gate.
  • Peace – Doesn’t the thought of naming your kitty “Peace” fill you with peace and serenity? This could be a very mellow kitty, the type who snoozes when you do and one who is quiet. Though we doubt it – something tells us that a cat named Peace is going to be very active, always doing things and somehow while never in real trouble, always having a great adventure!
  • Flower – Remember “Flower Power” from the 60’s? Give this feminine kitty name to your female feline who you think is a bit of a girly girl.
  • Winter – This could be the purrfect cat name for the cat or kitten you adopt during the winter. Or a cat with a white coat (like snow).
  • Autumn – The purrfect cat name for a cat you adopt during the fall months. Expect this kitty to have a warm purrsonality and to be very active, especially outdoors!
  • Flame – Some cats just look like a handful from the moment you meet them. Like when you see them attempt to climb the curtains! That’s okay, its all part of loving and having a cat in your life. So if your cat has a fiery purrsonality, give them a name to match.
  • Crystal – A beautiful name for a lovely feline. Try this name for your white, long haired Persian cats or other white or light colored cats. Or any cat with a light hearted purrsonality.
  • Dawn – Does your cat wake you up at dawn, meowing in your face to feed them their breakfast? If you are looking for a Crunchy Granola name, we encourage to you think of Dawn, because it sounds like you are going to be seeing this time quite often. It’s a beautiful time of day, and some cat lovers get to see it regularly!
  • Harmony – Do you have a cat or kitten with an especially sweet disposition? Or one whose meow sounds almost musical? Harmony could be the purrfect cat name for them!
  • Melody – Choose this Crunchy Granola name, especially if you are naming a pair of cats with Harmony and Melody. It is ideal for a cat with a musical meow or one who talks to you often with their meow.
  • Star – We have to say, that every cat knows that is the star. So why not name your cat Star? If your adorable feline is bright, happy, and twinkles with delight, this could be the purrfect cat name for them!

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