White Cat Names

Did you just adopt a white cat or kitten? White cats are adorable and a favorite of many. We know you are looking for that purrfect name for your white cat, and we’ve got a great selection for you!

You may be surprised at how many options there are with white cat names. And don’t think this list is limited, only to white cats. If you have an adorable cat of another coat color you want to name one of these…whose going to stop you? Certainly not us. Just like finding that purrfect cat, when you see that ideal name, you just know it!


  • Magic – A fun name choice for a cat that has got you and everyone under its spell. This name is great for any cat you think has that extra dose of the magic behind its ears.
  • Marshmallow – Is your cat a soft, cuddly marshmallow? This name could be the purrfect choice for them!
  • Soy – Many are health conscious today, and that lovely light beige color of soy milk could be a great choice for your white cat.
  • Milk – What cat doesn’t love milk? A cat name to remind them of their favorite treat.
  • Almond – The inside of an almond is a pale, light beige, almost white….is your cat that color? This name could especially appeal to the health conscious or anyone looking for a unique name.
  • Cream – An indulgent name for a cat who loves to be spoiled, just a little! Cream used to be a treat for farm cats. This is a cat who will curl up in your lap every night to be petted.
  • Moo – A cute name, reminds us of cows. Purrfect for the family cat and any friendly, very sociable cat.
  • Cow – Who can resist an adorable cow? Just as anyone could resist an adorable cat? What a great combination for a cat name!
  • Ghost – Does your cat know how to disappear under furniture or to appear whenever they wish? This could be the purrfect name for them!
  • Boo – This is a fun and sociable name for a cat, especially ideal for that goofy cat, the one who is always surprising you. Boo!
  • Spooky – A good name for a silly cat or one who just about seems to read your mind. If you love spooky movies, this could be a fun cat name to choose.
  • Vanilla – What a delicious cat name to select! Vanilla is purrfect for a white cat, and a very popular food ingredient found in many desserts and scenting many home items.
    Freesia – This lovely, feminine white flower is purrfect for your dainty and girly cat.
  • Egg – Such a cute name! Eggs are small (okay, some are really big) and very appealing. A fun name for foodies to select too.
  • Silk – This name isn’t just for a white cat, but if when you pat your cat, their fur feels as soft as silk, this could be a great cat name to choose.
  • Satin – Another fun cat name choice, reminding us of soft kitty fur.
  • Chiffon – This cat name is purrfect for a white cat and is inspired by this elegant fabric too.
  • Tofu – Vegans, vegetarians, and the health conscious especially may like calling their cat Tofu. A cute, healthy themed name for your white cat.
  • Eagle – This proud bird is very majestic in the sky. If you have a white cat with a regal stance, calling them Eagle could be the ideal choice.
  • Pigeon – This friendly bird is found in many town squares and people love to feed them. If you have a sociable, cuddly white cat, calling them Pigeon could be an adorable cat name.
  • Dove – The name of this bird instantly reminds us of harmony and peace. It is purrfect for a white cat and also to bring to mind inspirational thoughts.
  • Cloud – Who hasn’t watched clouds float across the sky every once and awhile? Your adorable cat may love to float around the house or front lawn as they go about their day, and this could be the purrfect name for them!
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