Sweet Nickname Cat Names

Is your cat a sweetie pie? What a question…of course they are. Even if they shred the curtains, we know you see the true sweet cat they can be. Every cat is a sweetie pie, but some cats just seem to deserve a really sweet name, like some of the sweet nicknames we know.

It’s fun to give your cat a sweet nickname name. Who can resist an adorable cat named Honey or Cookie? We knew you couldn’t! And neither will anyone else who meets your sweet and charming kitty along the way, from your next door neighbor to the mailman to anyone who comes to visit.

We’ve got plenty of sweet nicknames to choose from. The hardest part? Picking only one sweet nickname name to give your cat!

  • Honey – This sweet nickname is perfect for that adorable cat, especially one with a golden or light brown coat or pattern.
  • Sweetie – There’s something so sweet about a cat named Sweetie. You can’t help smiling, thinking about calling them for supper or to play with cat toys.
  • Lamb – Is your cat as good as a little lamb? Then what better sweet nickname name for them could there be? A fun name choice also for a white, black or light grey cat.
  • Lambie – This is a popular sweet nickname that many love. Perfect for your sweet cat with that irresistible face.
  • Lambiepie – Now this is a favorite sweet nickname of many, and an adorable cat name! The cat with this name will not only have a sweet disposition but also a great personality.
  • Cookie – Is your cat as sweet and irresistible as a cookie? Treat your cat to a delicious cat name, Cookie!
  • Cutie – When your cat is a cutie, you know only one cat name will do. Try Cutie to let everyone know right from the start that your cat is going to capture their heart.
  • Cutiepie – If your cat is a hand-down cutiepie, this could be the purrfect cat name for them. A great name for a sweet and funny cat with lots of personality.
  • Noodle – An adorable sweet nickname that is a great cat name. Try noodles, especially for that active cat that’s always on the go.
  • Bean – For the tiny kitten with a big personality and heart that’s simply unforgettable. A great sweet nickname.
  • Baby – Many love this sweet nickname, what could be better than to call your cat Baby?
  • Babe – Babe has been popular in songs like I’ve Got You Babe by Sonny and Cher and in popular culture. Try this sweet cat name for your hip kitty.
  • Love – What’s sweeter than love? Call your cat Love and know they are completely adorable.
  • Lovey – A very popular sweet nickname, Lovey is purrfect for your cat. This cat is likely to be extra cuddly and affectionate, the one who always gets in your lap.

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