St. Patrick’s Day Themed Cat Names

Does your cat or kitten have a bit of the “Luck of the Irish?” Then perhaps a St. Patrick’s Day themed cat name would be the purrfect one for them!

St. Patrick’s Day is otherwise known as the Feast of St. Patrick and is celebrated on March 17th. This is a Christian feast day that marks the arrival of Christianity in Ireland and it commemorates Saint Patrick, who is the patron saint of Ireland.

There are many reasons to choose a St. Patrick’s Day themed cat name. Anyone would love a little of that four leaf clover luck to rub off on their new cat or kitten, giving them a purrfect and wonderful life. Or perhaps this is one of your favorite annual holidays and you’d like to be reminded of it every day when you see your cat’s sweet, adorable little face looking up at you. Or maybe you’ve adopted your cat or kitten during the springtime, near this holiday so a St. Patrick’s Day themed name sounds like the purrfect choice.

Here are some purrfect St. Patrick’s Day themed cat names for you. Please share yours with us in the comments too!

  • Lucky – There’s just something about this holiday that makes us think about having that extra bit of luck. And if you’d like to give your cat or kitten that lucky name, what better one could there be than Lucky? This is a name that is certain to make everyone smile when they see their sweet face.
  • Emerald – Who can resist the charm and beauty of Ireland, the Emerald Isle? If your cat or kitten has big, green, emerald eyes – give them this purrfect cat name so every time someone sees their lovely eyes they will be reminded of St. Patrick’s Day!
  • PatrickPattyPatrick, or Paddy – Now these are all beloved nicknames that are used often for St. Patrick’s Day. Sometimes it is called St. Pat’s Day or sometimes it is called St. Paddy’s Day. You may have a favorite nickname for this day. So why not give that nickname to your new cat or kitten and you’ll think of your favorite holiday all the time!
  • Clover – There’s something so sweet about this name. We know that Clover is another name for Shamrock, which is also another purrfect cat name you could choose. Shamrock somehow seems more outgoing and even more purrfect for the cat with a playful attitude. But whichever you choose, know that your cat or kitten will always be lucky!
  • Dublin – The capital of Ireland and quite a place to be on St. Patrick’s Day that is for certain! Consider this classic name for your cat or kitten to be reminded of your favorite holiday and where it is most beloved.
  • Leprechaun – We have to admit, if you choose to name your cat Leprechaun most likely they are going to be quite a goofy and playful cat! But we also wonder….will they have a pot of gold at the end of their rainbow? Well, you’ll only find out if you choose this purrfect cat name!
  • Danny – Choose this classic purrfect cat name, for the time honored Irish song “Danny Boy.” The ideal choice for your male cat or kitten when you love St. Patrick’s Day and want to express it with one of your favorite Irish songs!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day


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