Silk Flower Review: What to do When Your Cat Loves Flowers

Okay, I should start this off by explaining: my cat Penguin loves flowers. He always has.

On our dining room table, we’ve put flower arrangements, and they quickly get Penguin’s attention. But this concerns me a little, because Penguin is a chewer – so he shows his curiosity not just by smelling but also by eating the flowers!

Some flowers and plants are actually toxic for cats. The ASPCA keeps a terrific list of plants (and flowers) that are toxic and non-toxic for cats, If you have indoor or outdoor plants and flowers, I recommend taking a look at this.

Many thanks to the folks at CSI Wall Panels for providing these beautiful silk flowers for me (and Penguin!) to review.


What Penguin really seems to enjoy is not just the flowers, but sitting on the dining room table enjoying the afternoon sun. Why its the perfect spot to just be a cat!


The bright and colorful Gerbera Daisies in these photographs are not real flowers, but actual silk flowers. I was pleased to see that they had such a realistic look – from the way the petals curled just a little bit like it was picked in full bloom


and the beauty in the variety of flowers in the arrangement. You can see the soft petals are all individual and so life-like.


… the water and rocks (clear acrylic that looks like water and holds real pebbles) that is in the vase. So this is a flower arrangement you can put out for family, friends, and company that comes over that will certainly impress them.

Not only that, but it seemed to impress Penguin too!


This arrangement is 15″ x 9″ x 9″. Its the perfect size to put up if you have a dinner party, as you can keep it on the table while eating. You’ll still be able to see your guests’ faces, not be looking straight into a flower arrangement. So it is tall, but not a super huge size that will overwhelm you.

One thing I really like is the vase, something that lots of people just don’t think much about with a flower arrangement. This is a classic, clear vase. Yes, it is a plastic vase which I think makes it convenient for storage and also lighter to pick up and carry. But it’s quite high quality plastic, so when you open the package and set it on your table, it looks like glass. The rocks and water appear very realistic both at a distance…


and especially up close. This feature will make your guests complement it too, thinking that you bought fresh flowers just to entertain them.

After all, Penguin does think I got flowers just to entertain him! Because that’s the way everything is in this house!


I chose the Gerbera Daisy arrangement because it is vivid and colorful. I really like the variety of colors, there are flowers that are red, pink, orange, white and yellow. But not only are they different colors, but the flowers are also at different sizes and heights. This too makes the arrangement look quite realistic and charming, just as a flower arrangement you got at the florist would too. Just look at it from the top:


If you have cats or pets, silk flowers can be a terrific option. Not only will your flowers “bloom” forever, but there is no worry about your beloved pet chewing or taking apart a toxic flower or flowering plant.

Thank you CSI Wall Panels for providing these beautiful silk flowers to review. Penguin enjoyed this too!

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