Siamese Cat Names

One look at a Siamese cat explains the observation: “Dogs Have Owners, Cats Have Staff.” By nature friendly and affectionate, Siamese cats retain their royal origins in their gait, posture, and elegant figures, along with a uniquely-pitched “meow” of regal timbre. Although the claim that Siamese cats were the exclusive property of the royal family of Siam, or Thailand, seem to be over-exaggerated, their strong personalities made Siamese cats the center of attention when they first entered Western society.

Slender, with long legs, long slim tails, and chiseled features, Siamese cats were a logical curiosity for American and British diplomats to bring home from the newly-explored Orient in the late 1800s. These ancestors of modern Siamese cats were stockier than their intensely-bred progeny. Today this less-dramatic body-type is referred to as Thai. Both ancestral and modern Siamese form the breeding base for numerous cats of Oriental heritage, among them the Burmese, Balinese, Savamnah and Himalayan.
Distinctive “point” markings of darker fur on tails, paws, faces, and ears and the stunning blue eyes characteristic of purebreds added to their exoticism. A breeding pair brought home by the British Consul General started Britain on a loving pursuit of Siamese cats, and a single Siamese made an appropriately diplomatic gift to President Rutherford B. Hayes. These visually remarkable cats served as handsome illustrations of diplomatic and exploratory stories of vivid silks, sparkling gold, extraordinary architecture, and novel people in faraway lands.

Today, in the U.S., the Cat Fanciers’ Association maintains the largest purebred Siamese registry and recognizes four breed variants, described by the colors of markings: seal-point (dark brown), blue-point (cool gray), lilac-point (softer gray) and chocolate-point (light brown). “Point” markings stem from partial albinism and are nearly always symmetrical on an ivory- or cream-toned coat. Wide-spaced bell-shaped large ears combine with a steady blue-eyed gaze to make the Siamese seem truly attentive to what you are saying. And their fondness for human company, confidence in interactions and playful nature make you want to be sure you are worthy of their attention!

Celebrity Siamese owners include Betty White, Frank Zappa, John Lennon, Ricky Gervais and Britney Spears. Artists Andy Warhol and Jean Cocteau also shared the special qualities of Siamese cat ownership.


  • Scarlett – If you’ve read Gone With The Wind, you may be thinking of the great Diva that Scarlett was (Diva by the way, is a purrfect name for your Siamese, as any singing name would be!). But remember too that Scarlett is a deep and passionate color, and most Siamese cats and kittens are known for being intelligent and a bit intense.
  • Dahlia – This flower is beautiful, lush and a touch exotic, just like your lovely Siamese. When your female cat or kitten is simply lovely, give them a name that compliments their feminine nature.
  • Grace – Choose this name when your Siamese cat or kitten has that extra touch of elegance. If you think they could make dinner reservations at the best place in town, and have the host sit them at the best table without batting an eye, this is the name to give them. I’d recommend giving them a purrfectly good name; after all, they’ll take you out to a nice dinner one day!
  • Maria Callas – One of the best soprano Opera singers in the world, many adored her beautiful voice. She had a great passion for singing and the stage and was known for being an individual.
  • Cocoa – Give your Siamese cat a name that reminds you of its soft, brown coat and its sweet nature. If your kitty would curl up in anyone’s lap for a cuddle to make them smile or makes friends with people who stop by, then they should have a super sweet name that suits them to a “T.”
  • EinsteinNewtown, and DaVinci – Each of these men was undoubtedly a genius. And we know that your Siamese cat is a genius, as they are able to open closed drawers and to somehow figure out exactly when you are about to leave the house for a date. These super brainy and sensitive felines deserve a name that is purrfectly suited to their smarty pants ways!


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