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Subscription boxes have become super popular. And if you’re a cat lover, then you know there are some out there just for you. But did you know there is one – just one – that celebrates the wonderfulness of being a cat lady? It’s the Cat Lady Box and we’re going to share one with you now!

My tuxie cat Penguin and I took a look at November 2015’s Cat Lady Box and you’ll be pleased to discover the treats inside, just as we were:

Here’s what we found inside:

  • Cats Are My Bag tote from Xenotees – in black with gold lettering
  • A cat watch – with a fun leopard print band
  • Cat Keychain by The Emporium
  • Catnip drumstick from Housecat Club
  • A package of Cloud9 treats for your kitty

Its all beautifully wrapped, so the Cat Lady Box makes a lovely gift for a cat lady friend or family member you know, or if you want to treat yourself:

Penguin enjoyed playing with the drumstick toy, which is catnip scented. He looked just like he was picking up a turkey leg at the Thanksgiving table!

One of the things I really liked about the box was the variety of treats inside – both for kitty and cat lady. The keychain is something I’ll give a friend, I think she’ll love it. But the cat watch I eagerly claimed as my own. I’ve been wearing it basically since the box arrived.

If you are someone who adores cats, then this is a subscription box for you! With the Cat Lady Box, they have 2 sizes to choose from. There is a Cat Lady Box and a Crazy Cat Lady Box. The Cat Lady Box features 2 – 3 items and starts at $31.33 a month. The Crazy Cat Lady Box features an additional 2 surprises for your kitties and starts at $33.33 a month.

One of the things you’ll notice first about the Cat Lady Box is simply how beautiful it is. Its like receiving a lovely, gift wrapped package just for you. There is a greeting note inside from Dorian, the Founder who describes all the treats you’ll find in this month’s box. This is a cat themed box that makes an ideal gift because you know it has that “wow” appeal when it arrives and as it is opened, each item is treasured.

What is great too to know is that the Cat Lady Box donates 5% to a different rescue each month. So while you are rolling in catnip and treating yourself, you can smile even wider, knowing that you are helping other kitties in need!


Give the Cat Lady Box a try, you’ll be glad you did! Visit their website here.

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