Orange Cat Names

Everyone notices a bright and sunny orange cat! These cats can range in hue from a deep, bright orange to burnt orange or even a light orange that is closer to a light brown color. Many who have chosen orange cats have first noticed their stunning coat color but then have admired their friendly and sunny personalities. There’s something about these wonderful orange cats. If you have a new orange cat or kitten, here are some purrfect cat names for you!


  • Pumpkin – This orange cat name is especially ideal for that cat with a plush and round tummy. But also choose this name for any cat you consider quite cuddly.
  • Bellini – If you’ve ever tried a Bellini, then you know just how yummy this sweet peach flavored wine cocktail is!  Try this purrfect cat name for your sweet but oh-so-sophisticated kitty.
  • Hazard – We’ve all seen those bright orange “hazard” cones or other things used at construction sites. If your kitty knocks things over, creates their own “masterpieces” all the time and is always up to something then choose Hazard as their name.
  • Flare – Anyone knows that a Flare burns bright day or night and that everyone can see it. Some cats are like this too! If your cat is the type to easily wind up as the center of attention at any time, this could be the purrfect orange kitty name for them.
  • Marmalade – Many love sweet Marmalade on their toast or muffin, it is a real treat. Well, what could be a better treat than seeing your wonderful orange cat or kitten each day? Call your new kitty Marmalade and we know they’ll be sweeter than any treat you can imagine!
  • Citrus – For a health-conscious name that will remind you of your favorite fruits, try Citrus. A cat named Citrus would certainly have a fresh outlook on life and a fun approach to everything.
  • Sunset – This orange cat name would be especially purrfect for those deep orange cats we’ve seen, to compliment their beautiful coat color. But it would also be a great choice if your cat seems to come to life as the sun goes down.
  • Tangerine – Many love the Tangerine because it is a smaller fruit full of flavor. Try this cat name for a petite cat with loads of purrsonality.
  • Pepper – Now some cats just seem to have that extra “zing” to them, whether it is the ones who love to climb the curtains for fun or the ones who like to drink out of your water glass instead of their water dish. Try Pepper as their purrfect cat name, it will very likely fit.
  • Zinnia – These bright and colorful flowers are popular with many gardeners. They also are popular with cats, who like to sleep right next to them! If your orange cat is bright and colorful – and their purrsonality is even more bright and colorful then this could be their purrfect cat name!
  • Cayenne – In case you don’t know, Cayenne is one of the spiciest peppers around. Try this cat name for your superactive cat or kitten who is always in motion. We’re sure they sleep sometimes, maybe for like 20 minutes or so!
  • Tangelo – A Tangelo is a delicious combination of a grapefruit and a tangerine. Many look forward to this sweet citrus treat all year because they are only available for a short period of time. So if your orange cat or kitten is a real treasure and you want to give them a unique name, try Tangelo to express their sweetness and preciousness.
  • Clementine – The Clementine is another sweet citrus fruit and is quite popular, even if a bit old fashioned. It has been enjoyed for generations. If you are looking for a purrfect cat name that is a little old fashioned but also has that sweetness, try Clementine. Remember also that Clementines are a small fruit, so this could be purrfect for your petite cat or kitten.
  • Paprika – Many can’t imagine their kitchens without this spice. It can make any dish taste even more delicious. And just as Paprika can brighten up your cooking, doesn’t your cat seem to brighten up any day? Flavorful and rich, this spice is a real favorite, just like your beautiful orange cat!
  • Monarch – The lovely Monarch butterfly flutters, floats, and flies about. If you have an adventurous cat who loves to play, especially being in the garden, then this could be the purrfect cat name for them.
  • Leo – This is the fifth sign of the Zodiac, and is ruled by the bright sun. It could be the purrfect choice for your orange cat or kitten, especially one with a slightly regal nature.
  • Honey – What’s sweeter than Honey? Why not much is, except your orange cat! Choose this name for your delightful kitty.
  • Mango – Many love this sweet and juicy tropical fruit, it is actually the most popular fruit in the world. Try this purrfect cat name for your sweet orange cat or kitten.
  • Amber — Some orange cats have darker orange coats, perhaps with a touch of brown. Amber could be a great choice of a kitty name for them if this is so. Amber is an ideal name for your female cat.
  • Sunny – We think your orange cat or kitten named Sunny would just make everyone smile!

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