New York City Inspired Cat Names

Are you in a “New York state of mind” as Billy Joel’s popular song says

If so, you may want to pick a Manhattan themed cat or kitten name. Well, we love the Big Apple as much as you do, so here are some NYC themed cat names, just for you!

  • Gotham – This is a vintage name for Manhattan or NYC. Choose this purrfect cat name if you love NYC and history!
  • Patience & Fortitude – If you *heart* NYC, then you know these are the classic names for the lions who proudly stand outside the 5th Avenue main branch of the New York Public Library. This is the purrfect pair of names to give 2 cats that are great “buddy” cats who like to spend time together, whether in Manhattan or not. The lions’ names have changed over time, visit the library’s page to see the other names for inspiration!
  • Liberty – Everyone knows the majestic Statue of Liberty in the NYC harbor, welcoming everyone who comes to visit not only NYC but the USA. A cat named Liberty is a patriotic name too!
  • Bryant – This is a purrfect name, especially for a male cat, inspired by NYC’s Bryant Park.
  • Name your cat after a distinguished NYC Mayor – such as Ed KochDavid DinkinsRudy GiulianiBill DiBlasioMichael BloombergHere is a complete list of mayors from Wikipedia.  
  • Jimmy Walker – this is another fine Mayor, was the one just before LaGuardia.
  • Carnegie – Most know that the Carnegie Deli closed at the end of 2016 in NYC. If this was a favorite place of yours, then choose this purrfect cat name.
  • Rockette – If you’ve seen the Rockette’s annual Christmas Spectacular then you know just what fantastic dancers they are. It’s a simply amazing show, with a festive holiday theme. There’s nothing like NYC during Christmastime! If you got your cat or kitten during Christmastime or winter, and they are super active, then this is a great name for them.
  • Apple – Most know that NYC is known as “the Big Apple” and a cat named Apple would easily remind you of this fine city. Purrfect for your sweet tempered cat.
  • Robert DeNiro  – This well-known actor is from NYC and is a great cat or kitten name.
  • Java – Remember that Manhattan is “the city that never sleeps,” quite likely because a lot of people drink coffee with caffeine! So why not name your cat Java?
  • Hudson – this name is inspired after the beautiful Hudson river, that you’ll find in New York city, which stretches way past this city up through New York State.
  • Brooke Astor – Mrs. Astor was a distinguished philanthropist and came from a well-established family in New York City. She helped many Manhattan charities to thrive and was known for her grace and style. This is a lovely name to give your female cat.
  • Billy Joel – This popular singer and musician is from Long Island but is known for his love of NYC. His song “New York State of Mind” is considered a classic. If your cat loves to “play” the piano keys (walk along them) or is just simply charming, this could be a purrfect cat name for them.
  • Alicia Keyes – This popular singer and musician has a new favorite song about New York City – “Empire State of Mind.” She has a beautiful voice and is very stylish. This could be the purrfect name especially for your female cat.
  • Empire – In NYC, the Empire State building is considered a landmark. Whether you’ve visited as a tourist or live in NYC, this place is a favorite one of many.
  • Grammercy – The Grammercy Tavern is a well-known restaurant in NYC. Especially if you are a “foodie” or just love NYC, this is a great name for your cat.
  • Brooklyn – This is one of the 5 boroughs of Manhattan. One well-known landmark here is the Brooklyn Bridge. Brooklyn has a wonderful community of artists, musicians, and creative people.
  • Bronx – This is also one of the 5 boroughs of Manhattan. You’ll find the Bronx Zoo and the New York Botanical Gardens here. Also in the Bronx is Arthur Avenue, known for delicious Italian groceries and places to eat!
  • Spuytenduivell – This is also known as “spitting devil” as is the little neck of water between the East and the Hudson in Manhattan.
    Magnolia – Do you have a sweet tooth? Then you’ve probably been to the Magnolia Bakery for a cupcake or other treats. This is a purrfect name to give your female cat or kitten.
  • Cronut – This tasty sweet became popular just a couple of years ago, and they continue to sell out! A unique combo of croissant and donut, simply delicious. If your cat or kitten has a super sweet purrsonality and is just irresistible, then this is a great name for them.

These are just a few Manhattan inspired names, it is a big place with so many terrific things going on! What are some of your favorites? Mention them in the comments!

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