New Year’s Resolutions for Cats

Happy New Year!

Perhaps your cat would like 2023 to be different from this past year or other years. If so, it might be time to create a New Year’s Resolution.
Some say that these more often than not wind up getting broken instead of being kept. But the New Year is a time when most of us feel like starting new or different things. So even your cat might be ready for a change as well.

Popular New Year’s Resolutions for people include losing weight, quitting smoking, getting out of debt, volunteering, and spending more time with their families. So what New Year’s Resolutions would your cat make? Here are a few suggestions:

Have kittens!

Why not? After all, if their pet parent is happy with one or two cats then they probably will be happy with a couple of more “bundles of joy”. Who could resist their sweet little faces and teeny meows?

Finally, Catch that Laser Dot!

Now this is a popular New Year’s Resolution. We think this would fall under a “fitness” type of one. Many cats have tried to achieve this, but most have not succeeded – so make 2017 the year to get that laser dot!

Get Into a Box

Preferably one smaller than you, after all if you’re going to get into a box its got to be a bit of a challenge. Just about every cat loves the cozy-ness of boxes.

Forgive & Forget Once and For All

If you’re having a tussle with that calico down the block all the time, now is the time to bring over some catnip and resolve your differences.

Make a New Friend

Cats are actually pretty great at this. Some have learned that friends come in surprising places!

Nap More

If you’re a busy feline on-the-go, then you may actually be due for a few “Zzzz’s” this 2017. So set that alarm clock and take some kitty naps.

Bust Open the Treat Jar/Drawer

Every cat or kitten looks forward to treating time. But it is the rare one who has learned how to help themselves, thus removing the “middle man” – that pet parent who decides when treat time is and how many of them are okay.

Be Clutter Free

Lots of cats are er, “helpers” as we’ve found out. But some cats truly want us to live minimalistic lifestyles – and they remove clutter wherever they see it, for some this is a great New Year’s resolution to make.

So what do you think your cat or kitten’s New Year’s Resolution is this 2017? Leave it in the comments! Wishing you and your feline a very Happy 2017!

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