Nautical Themed Cat Names

Some might think that cats & boats go together as well as well, cats & water do. But actually, cats have been on ships for a long time.

Many boats and ships have had cats on them to help keep the vermin (rats and mice) populations down. These were cats hard at work, while certainly enjoying the rewards of what they did. If you enjoy the beauty and adventure of the open sea, perhaps a Nautical Cat Name is the purrfect choice for you and your cat or kitten. It will remind you of one of your favorite passions while spending time with your new companion. It is all up to you โ€“ well and also the cat โ€“ whether or not you will bring them sailing or boating with you!

Here are some Nautical Cat Names. Share yours in the comments below!

  • Admiralย โ€“ Now any pet parent and cat lover knows that cats are always in charge โ€“ or certainly think they are. And if you give your cat the name & rank of Admiral, then few will attempt to argue that anyone else is in charge in your home. In the Navy, this is the top Senior Naval Officer. It means โ€œRuler of the sea.โ€
  • Ahoyย โ€“ This is a nautical term you say to draw attention to something โ€“ as in trying to hail a ship โ€“ โ€œShip ahoy!โ€ We all call our cats and now their name will be also something you say to get attention. If you love the sea, this is a fun name to give your active and playful kitty.
  • Anchorย โ€“ Most of us know that a ship or boatโ€™s anchor is metal, attached to a chain and keeps the boat or ship from drifting. Basically, the boat stays put because of the anchor. This is the purrfect cat name to give a kitty who has a slightly stubborn purrsonality โ€“ or even one who has a territorial attitude about things, like one who always must sit on a certain spot on the couch. Also good for a big cat!
  • Boatย โ€“ If you love boating, why not name your new cat or kitten Boat? Most boats are smaller in size, so this could be a good name for a smaller cat.
  • Buoyย โ€“ Now this is a cute name to give your kitty if boating is a favorite activity. Buoys help boaters navigate the waters, and they โ€œbobโ€ along in the waters. You can always count on them, kind of the way you can count on your cat or kitten to cuddle up with you on a rainy day while you watch a movie. A good cat will be with you through sunny and stormy weathers.
  • Burgeeย โ€“ If you belong to a yacht club, this name may especially interest you โ€“ as this triangular flag notes a yacht club membership. For boaters and nautical fanatics, this is a fun name to choose to give a nod to your favorite activity. Especially if you are active in your local yacht club!
  • Cabooseย โ€“ For us non-nauticals, weโ€™ll first think of the back end of a train. But those who love boats know this is the kitchen or galley on deck. Give this name to your cat or kitten, especially if they love their kitty treats or cat food!
  • Captainย โ€“ Weโ€™ve talked about how no one outranks your cat in most places. So giving them the name of โ€œCaptainโ€ in your home could be a loving title of respect, as this is the informal title which is given to the person who commands a boat or ship, or it is a Navy ranking. You could also tryย Commodore, which is a ranking higher than Captain.
  • First mateย โ€“ Now this is one of the most purrfect Nautical names we think you could give your cat or kitten. Your First mate is your second-in-command on a commercial ship, someone who will be there. And who will be there more than your cat? Your cat or kitten will greet you at the door with a friendly meow and will be your faithful companion. Certainly a top-notch First mate!


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