Monsters and Mythical Creatures Cat Names

Want to give your cat or kitten a name that will stand out from the crowd? Consider a Monsters or Mythical Creatures cat name.
No one is saying that your sweet, adorable feline is any type of monster – but in today’s popular culture, monsters and mythical creatures have become real favorites – found in TV, movies, comic books, graphic novels, and all over the ‘net.

Besides, many of these monsters and mythical creatures now have far less of a rep of being fierce and wild, and more of one for being cute and quirky.

Here are some purrfect monsters and mythical creature’s cat names for you!

  • Loch Ness Monster – Many know this well-known creature/monster, although very few have seen it. If you have a kitty who loves to disappear every time you have guests come over, leaving them to wonder if you actually do have a cat – then this could be the purrfect cat name to choose!
  • Dracula – A classic creature name! Old fashioned and even slightly romantic, as no woman could resist being put under ol’ Drac’s captivating spell and hypnotic eyes. Well, if you have a cat or kitten whose gaze follows you from room to room, attempting to command you to leave them more kitty treats or to open the door for them, this is a great name to choose for them.
  • Zombie – It seems as if these wild Zombies are just about everywhere nowadays. One of the classic signs of a Zombie is a being who is awake all the time. We know that cats are nocturnal, but if your cat seems to be up at every moment when you are – then perhaps you’ve got ZombKitty? Good name to consider…just sleep with one eye open!
  • Mummy – Have you ever seen those old movies, where the Mummy comes to life, following people around? It’s pretty funny. And if you’ve got a cat, then you’ve certainly been in this circumstance if you’ve ever tried to eat a midnight snack by yourself!
  • Monster – Many when they hear the word “Monster” think of large or fierce – so we know you’ll think of this purrfect cat name for those kitties you have who are bigger than the typical feline – or even the super active ones. But don’t forget the ones who have a “Monster” sized purrsonality or who have overcome some type of “Monster” sized challenge, like a physical illness before you adopted them. Give them a name that shows how they take on the world!
  • Elf – Don’t you just want to cuddle and snuggle an Elf? A cat named Elf simply can’t help but be adorable, we know you know that. But be on your guard – this cat is almost guaranteed to be extra mischievous. This is the cat who will hide in the curtains and jump out to chase your shoelaces as you walk by.
  • Fairy – This is a dainty, sweet and feminine name ideal for your female cat or kitten. Especially if you love Fairy Tales or Mythical Creatures. Fairies are often quite beautiful – and we know that your Fairy kitty will be also. Just remember that Fairies are also quite adventurous – and they have wings! So when Fairy decides to jump from the windowsill to see if she can reach the mantle, she’s just doing what she’s supposed to be doing!

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