Mischievous Cat Names

Does your cat always seem to find trouble…or does trouble seem to always find them? Then you might want to give them a name that shows their more mischievous nature. No cats are bad or naughty – but some cats just seem to know how to shred the newspaper with the article you were going to save, or shed car fur only on the ivory linen pants you needed to wear for that business meeting tomorrow. Choose a mischievous name for your little furry rascal!

  • Buster – Try this spunky and fun name for your active and mischievous cat. We think Buster probably likes to climb the curtains when you’re at work. There’s got to be a reason they always fall down!
  • Oscar – What a distinguished name! Little will others know what a mischievous cat you have, until they get to know him. He’s exactly the type of cat to pull on your shoelace while you’re sitting down, remind guests to check before they stand up.
  • Izzy – Somehow Izzy reminds us of “dizzy” and quite likely this is how some will feel after meeting your mischievous cat. If you have a cat who loves to pop out of anywhere to surprise others or chases shadows through your home for fun, choose this purrfect cat name.
  • Pepper – This is a very classic purrfect cat name but also one with a bit of spunk or spice to it. Try this cat or kitten name for your mischievous cat name who reminds you of what happens when a little pepper is added to your favorite dishes!
  • Kitty – Another classic and very popular cat name. Some may think – at first – that your cat or kitten is a bit quiet. Won’t they be surprised when they get to know your mischievous cat!
  • Felix – This cartoon cat certainly knew how to have a lot of fun and sometimes get into a bit of mischief. Try this vintage classic cat name for your rascal of a cat or kitten.
  • Moose – Anyone who has seen a moose knows this wild animal can easily crush or knock into things without a second thought. If your cat can clear the coffee table with the swing of their paw or tail, or just seems to have the talent for knocking things over as they go, this could be the purrfect cat name for them.
  • Oops – Its the sound we make whenever we make a mistake. And if your cat has a mischievous streak to them, you may wind up making this sound a lot! So why not call them Oops?
  • Friday –  Friday is one of the most fun days of the week – everyone knows the saying TGIF – so why not name your cat Friday? Especially if your cat is mischievous, they sure know how to have a good time!
  • Daisy  – This is such a sweet and happy name, we think no one will see your mischievous cat coming. We certainly hope you’ll at least warn them! Someone should after all.
  • Ruby – A precious jewel and a bold and beautiful color, purrfect to describe that mischievous female cat you have. We have a feeling that Ruby the cat doesn’t listen when she hears the word “No” just as any mischievous cat would.

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