Lazy Cat Names

Any cat lover or pet parent knows that cats and kittens have all types of purrsonalities. While some kitties have fun scaling the curtains like they are Mount Everest or getting to the top of the fridge to taunt the dog – other cats are more laid back. Or way, way laid back to the point of being your beloved fur covered couch potato sometimes.
Here are some cat names, ideal for your lazy cat!

  • LayZ – Reminding some of the popular rap singers, except perhaps this one we describe might be more tempted to take a nap – a purrfect cat name for your sweet, sleepy kitty who is super hip!
    Winston Churchill – This well-respected world leader liked to take the occasional nap. If you have a super distinguished cat who wants to be snoozy too, then choose this name for them. You never know, your kitty could be capable of amazing things while he/she was awake also!
  • Cloud – Do you have a zoned out feline who is super smart yet sometimes on cloud 9? That’s okay, just give them a name that introduces them properly to family and friends.

  • Sheldon Cooper – If you are a “Big Bang Theory” TV show fan, then you know that Sheldon’s mom sings the song “Soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of fur” to calm and make him sleepy. If your cat or kitten is super smart and is soothed by the sound of your voice then this could be a purrfect name for them.
  • Miss Puffy – Whether skinny or fluffy, Miss Puffy reminds us of puffy clouds. A purrfect cat name especially for white or grey cats – even if they are lazy they somehow seem to cover a lot of territories quickly or slowly.
  • Napoleon Bonaparte – Most know Napoleon was small in stature but was a strict leader. But he also liked to take a nap. If your cat is rather, well, insistent about where his food dish is and which toys he plays with, then this could be the purrfect name for him.
  • DeeLay – We couldn’t resist adding another cute rapper themed name. If you have an adorable, sweet cat or kitten who likes to take naps and cuddle give them a name that shows they are stylish and hip too!
    Napster – This cat name is purrfect for the one who can literally take a cat nap just about anywhere. If you’ve come home to find them cuddled up in the laundry basket, next to a pile of books or even in surprising places – yet sound asleep then Napster is a good name for them.
  • Sandman – When we were little, most of us heard the story about the Sandman who sprinkled dust over our eyes so we could sleep. Does snuggling with your sleepy cat help you get to sleep? Then give them a name that compliments their unique talents.

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