Las Vegas Inspired Cat Names

Is Vegas your favorite place to be? If “Sin City” is where you love to take vacations or where you call home, then perhaps you’d like to give your cat or kitten a purrfect Las Vegas inspired cat name!

Please leave your Las Vegas inspired cat names in the comments!

  • Elvis – Don’t worry, this sweet kitty won’t step on your blue suede shoes! A cat or kitten named Elvis will be playful and fun and may even be a bit curious about your peanut butter & banana sandwich (Elvis’ favorite snack)
  • Showgirl – Do you have a female cat or kitten that is just so pretty and even a bit of a diva? Well why not consider a name like Showgirl, inspired by the beautiful and talented Las Vegas Showgirls?
  • Cactus – While many think of “the Strip” when Vegas comes to mind, don’t forget the beauty of the desert! Consider a kitty name like Cactus and you’ll have a cat who is unique and as welcoming as a cool glass of lemonade on a hot day. Or even choose Desert Flower for a feminine cat name too.
  • Ace – Does Vegas bring images of the gaming tables to mind? Name your kitten or cat Ace and know you’ve got a confident kitty but be warned – he may be a bit of a daredevil. This is the cat that will try to scale the Christmas tree or want to hang from the kitchen curtains.
  • Roulette – Your cat named Roulette is guaranteed to be lots of fun, and one that is nonstop action. If you are looking for a cat or kitten who loves to play then choose this purrfect cat name.
  • Poker – Can’t tell what your cat or kitten is thinking? Why not choose the name Poker, if you think they have a Poker Face. Every cat is super intelligent, some seem to be more than others. A cat named Poker will always be able to open the kitchen cupboards without help to get his own kitty treats!
  • Wayne – We can’t help but add Wayne Newton to our Las Vegas list, one of the most well-known Vegas entertainers around. There’s no guarantee that your kitten will start singing Danke Schoen, but it’s more than likely they will be charming, and entertaining, and have a lovely-sounding meow!
  • Frank – Another great singer who was known in Vegas, Frank Sinatra. Remember that your cat or kitten may take after the lyrics of “My Way” and be determined to, well, have everything exactly as they prefer it. But isn’t that what a cat or kitten is known for?


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