Jane Austen Inspired Cat Names

Whether you loved the Sense & Sensibility movie or paid attention in high school English class, most of us have read at least 1 Jane Austen novel. This English fiction writer told tales of romance and daily life, focusing on what society was like for women. Some say her view was a bit ahead of her time, but her novels were enjoyed by many then and today.

If you are tempted to time-travel back to the 19th century, with a Jane Austen novel then you’ll find many terrific names for your cat or kitten. Her characters were unique with distinct personalities. Whether you have a favorite heroine/hero or even secretly admire a villain, we’ve got purrfect cat names for you, all from Jane Austen books!

Sense and Sensibility

  • Elinor Dashwood – Known as the “sensibility” sister. She is the eldest daughter and some think she is a bit cold but she is simply more logical because she has had to be. Choose this for the cat who is sometimes adventurous but never seems to bite off more than she can chew.
  • Marianne Dashwood– She is the “sense” sister and is known for having many feelings and emotions. She falls in love easily. This is the purrfect cat name for your playful female kitten who is very sociable and makes friends with everyone so easily.
  • Colonel Brandon – This gentleman falls for Marianne instantly but is too old for her at 35 years of age. He is noble and kind, a good friend. This name is purrfect for the cat or kitten who has great manners, even if there is fried chicken on the table they will not try to sneak a piece off of it!
  • Fanny Dashwood – In Sense & Sensibility, this character is known for being a bit self-centered and also a snob. But she is very good to her immediate family, caring for those around her even if she does not care a tiny bit for others at all. If your cat seems to turn their nose up at most people (I knew a cat like this once!), then this could be a purrfect name for them.

Pride & Prejudice

  • Elizabeth Bennet – Choose this purrfect cat name for your sweet, active and very playful young female cat. Even for one who is a touch mischievous without actually getting into real trouble! Elizabeth was the youngest of the 2 Bennett daughters in this book, as the story follows both of them finding love and growing up.
  • Fitzwilliam Darcy – Dashing, charming and sophisticated, he is the ideal hero for Pride & Prejudice. He comes from a very wealthy family and is expected to make a good match. Darcy is known for seeming a bit aloof, could this be shyness? So when strangers meet him, he does not make the best first impression. If you have a beautiful male cat whose first instinct at company is to hide under the sofa or flee to the attic, then Darcy is an excellent name for them!
  • Jane Bennet – She is the older of the 2 sisters and is considered more sensible and wiser. A thoughtful and smart young woman, she is known for being helpful. If you have a female cat who seems wiser than many who fuss around with catnip mice, and who may have even stepped in to stop feline squabbles with your other cats or pets, then this could be the purrfect name for her.


  • Emma Woodhouse – She is young, charming and loves to make romantic matches among the people she knows. If your cat is very good at befriending people and making them smile, then choose this cat name!
  • Miss Bates – Known in the book as an older spinster that Emma embarrasses. She once was rich and now leads a much more modest life. But this character is also very friendly and social. This is a good name for a cat you’ve rescued and who gets to know everyone so easily.
  • George Knightly – This character has lovely manners and is always very thoughtful about what he does. If you have a male cat who almost seems proper in everything that he does, from nibbling a treat from your hand to asking to go outside, then this could be the purrfect name for him!


  • Mary Musgrove – This is the youngest daughter of Sir Walter and she is married to Charles Musgrove. Mary wants to be the center of attention and can be a bit needy. If she does not get what she wants, she sometimes pretends to be ill. Yes, this character seems like a bit of a “drama queen” but haven’t you known a cat or kitten that somehow seems to exaggerate everything to the extreme?
  • Captain Frederick Wentworth – This is a lovely and elegant name to give your male cat or kitten. A successful, very eligible bachelor in the book Persuasion, considered “a good catch” by many. If your male cat is good looking and seems to get the ladies’ attention quite easily, then choose this name!
  • Sophia Croft – In Persuasion we see Sophia as a strong willed older woman who married for love, during a time when women more thought of their financial security when making a match for themselves. If you have a female cat with a mind of her own and also a big, soft heart, then this could be a good name for her!
  • Lady Dairymple – Now doesn’t this name sound wonderful? Give this cat name to make everyone smile and be reminded of Austen’s great books. This character has a prominent position in society and leads a comfortable life. Sounds like the purrfect life for any cat we can imagine!

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