Herbs and Spices Inspired Cat Names

It may surprise you to know how many beautiful herb and spice names there are to be found out there, some that will be recognizable once you see them. If you are a “foodie” and want to give your cat or kitten a name that reminds you of a delicious spice that you have enjoyed, this is certainly easy to do.

Another reason to choose an herb or spice is because of their qualities and how they may remind you of your cat or kitten’s purrsonality. Here are some herbs and spices for purrfect cat names!

  • Angelica – This spice is used for medicinal purposes and also in baking. A beautiful name, it may remind you of “Angel” at first glance. A good choice for your female cat with a sweet temperament.
  • Anise – A sweet and aromatic spice, a purrfect cat name for your feline who has lots of purrsonality. They say this spice is a bit like licorice.
  • Basil – This herb has a strong but also sweeter taste to it and comes in a variety of types. A good choice for your male cat’s name.
  • Cinnamon – A sweet spice that is very popular, this purrfect cat name would be a great choice for your brown, light brown and even orange to reddish orange colored coat cats, especially those with a sweet temperament but also a lively purrsonality!
  • Clove – This is a spice with a strong flavor and has been used in many dishes, especially during the fall and the winter. If you adopt a cat or kitten during the fall or winter months, Clove could be the purrfect cat name for them. Cloves are dark brown, and if your cat has a dark brown or brown patterned coat this could also be a good name for them.
  • Ginger – A sweetish and spicy tasting spice used in many dishes and a popular one lots of cooks choose. This spice could be your purrfect cat name for your cat or kitten if they have a ginger colored coat (light brown to dark honey brown) or that type of pattern on their coat, or if they have a “spicy” purrsonality – exciting and lively – and you want the name to match this!
  • Juniper (berry) – These berries flavor gin, and while some consider them a bit bitter they are used in cooking occasionally. This spice is one with a strong, memorable taste. Consider this purrfect cat name for your cat with a distinct and strong purrsonality. Also a good name for a cat you adopt during the winter.
  • Lavender – This herb is also used as an essential oil and is seen in beauty products, many know the delightful fragrance of lavender. It is light and sweet and can often be very relaxing. Lavender is a purple plant. Choose this purrfect cat name for your serene and sweet kitty.
  • Licorice – Many know this delicious flavor as it can be found in candy, often seen in black or red licorice. A strong and sweet flavored candy, lots of people love this old fashioned candy originating from the licorice root. Choose this purrfect cat name for your sweet cat or kitten, especially if you want a name that reminds you of an old fashioned or vintage time.
  • Nutmeg – A sweet but strongly flavored spice, it is especially popular in holiday cooking and baking during the winter months. You may want to choose Nutmeg as a purrfect cat name for your light brown cat or cat with a light brown coat pattern. Or for one you adopt during the winter months.
  • Paprika – Some paprika is mild and other types of this spice is more hot. But many love paprika when cooking hearty meals. This medium brown spice is a staple in lots of kitchens. Choose this purrfect cat name for your cat with a medium brown coat or one with a “spicy” purrsonality.
  • Pepper – A classic spice, used in most home and restaurant kitchens today. There is both black and white pepper. A strong tasting spice. This is a purrfect cat name for a black or white cat or kitten, or for a black and white cat or kitten.
  • Peppermint – This mint is both sweet and a bit mild. It is very popular during the winter months. The actual leaves of the plant are green, but most think of peppermint as being white. This could be the purrfect cat name for a white cat or one you adopt during the winter months.
  • Sage – An herb used by many home cooks and restaurants in a variety of dishes. Many also think of the other meaning of “sage” which is “wise.” If you love to cook and use Sage often, this could be your purrfect cat name!
  • Sassafras – This is quite aromatic. A dark brown color, it could be a purrfect cat name for cats with that same color coat or with a pattern that color. It also sounds like a good name for a “sassy” cat.
  • Wasabi – This is Japanese and has a very strong flavor. If you get sushi, you’ll see it as a green color and know to only take a tiny bit of it! Choose this purrfect cat name for your cat with a strong purrsonality no one can forget.

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