Harry Potter Inspired Cat Names

Have you read all of the books, seen all of the movies and want to name your cat or kitten after Harry Potter or another character from these exciting tales? Just because you’re a muggle doesn’t mean you can’t pick out that purrfect cat name that will be certain to delight your new feline and make everyone who meets them smile – that’s a type of magic indeed.

You don’t have to board the train at the 9 and ¾ platform station to enter Hogwarts, we’ve got some suggestions for cat and kitten names for you here!

  • Hufflepuff – One of the dorms or “houses” for students at Hogwarts. Why not name your new kitten after a place many a Wizard has called home?
  • Muggle – The well-known Hogwarts word for a non-magical person. It can be your own inside joke after all, everyone knows that a cat has their own sense of wonder and amazement. What other being could think they could scale the living room drapes or sneak a chicken leg out of a soup pot?

  • Hogwarts – The school where so many Wizards grew up, make friends, learned potions and battled He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. We think it would take a very special cat to have a name like this, certainly a smart one who has tried snuggling up with you when you read books or the newspaper.

  • Quidditch – Now if you’ve realized from the instant you met your cat or kitten that they are super active, there simply is no better name. As this Wizard game involves more than one ball and takes place flying through the air! Choose this purrfect cat name for the feline who “flies” from room to room to chase a catnip mouse or hunts the paperclips you drop.
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  • Wizard – Through the Harry Potter books we’ve learned that not everyone can be called a Wizard and certainly not every cat can be either. This cat is wise and intelligent but also has a good sense of humor. Do you remember when Hermoine cast that spell in the girls’ bathroom and wound up with cat ears and whiskers?

  • Malfoy – Every story needs a great villain and right from the start, Harry and Draco make it clear they don’t like each other at all. But Malfoy could be a good cat name if you think your feline is smart and likes to hang out a lot with his pals. Remember how close he was with Crab and Goyle?


  • Harry Potter – Now who wouldn’t want a cat or kitten named after the most exciting boy wizard of all time? If your cat has a lightning bolt mark on their forehead or any unusual marking on their forehead, this could be a great name for them too. This is a cat name ideal for your cat who is loyal to its friends and always ready for a fun adventure!

  • Sirius – Potter’s long-lost Uncle who arrives under surprising circumstances. He is brave, strong and has been through tough times but he is very loyal.
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  • Fred and George Weasley – These 2 redheaded twins were top-notch practical jokers. Even made a business from it! When you’ve adopted 2 cats, it is great to give them names that complement each other. If these cats are silly, funny and a bit mischievous then consider Fred and George. Just look out for explosions and whoopee cushions!

  • Moaning Myrtle – This whiny ghost haunted the girls’ bathroom and yes, moaned all the time! Some cats are very talkative and yes, they can sound like they are complaining. If you have a cat that is expressive and has a good sense of humor then this could be a good name for them.

  • Scabbers – Ron’s pet rat was not the best pet we’ve seen – but if you’ve read the additional books or seen the movies (we don’t want to spoil it for someone who hasn’t), then you know why! Choose Scabbers as a name for your cat when you know they’ll always do the unexpected.


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