Gray Cat Names

There’s something wonderful about gray cats. Those bright green eyes, glowing against the soft gray fur. Sometimes you will see them, moving quickly and think it is a shadow – but realize there is a sneaky gray cat trying to reach for a chicken leg on your plate! Grey cats are beautiful and just a bit mysterious. You aren’t quite sure what to expect. We have some terrific, purrfect gray cat names for your cats and kittens.

  • Pearl – Name your female cat or kitten Pearl. This cat name is purrfect especially if you are looking for something a little sweet but also old fashioned. No one will ever suspect the wild antics your Pearl kitty is capable of!
  • Ghost – This is a fun name for your gray cat. Choose this purrfect cat name if your kitty seems to appear and disappear at any moment – especially when it is mealtime.
  • Chimera – Chimera is another name for ghost, and sounds so beautiful. A unique and purrfect name to give your gray kitty.
  • Misty – We’ve all seen a misty day and know it can be both gray and white. If you love those misty days, why not name your gray cat Misty to remind yourself of these lovely moments.


  • Cloud – Some cats just seem to “float” through the day. They will follow you around, from room to room waiting to be cuddled or fed. They go outside or inside. This sweet and attentive kitty could be named Cloud. Also a purrfect cat name for a larger-than-life kitty.
  • Stormy – Does your cat have a big purrsonality and lots of opinions? Will they only eat one type of cat food? (Don’t giggle, I actually had a cat who did this exact thing!). Cats are always sweet and loveable but the name Stormy could be a good fit, because you know what happens when this cat is unhappy. Look out for the storm!
  • Fantasma –  This is Spanish for “ghost” and sounds lovely. A purrfect cat name for your cat or kitten. Or try Fantone which is French for “ghost.”
  • Dusky – Does your cat remind you of the start of the morning, everything ready to begin? Why not name them Dusky? A purrfect name for a sweet, gray kitten.
  • Charcoal – This name is an especially good one for a darker gray kitty. Charcoal is dark gray and soft, just like your favorite feline!


  • Dove – Many love doves, birds known as a symbol of peace and harmony. These light gray birds are also used sometimes for weddings – released on the wedding day. Try Dove as a purrfect cat name if your kitty never stops purring, is always a real lap cat and a real sweetie.
  • Wolf – Do you have a large gray cat who seems to have a bit of a wild side? Do they love the outdoors? Or are they an indoor kitty who seems to always love to have adventures? Wolf could be the purrfect name for them. Try Lupe, which is French for Wolf, or Lobo which is Spanish for Wolf.
  • Gris – Does your cat have a bit of Parisian flair? Try the name Gris, which is French for the word Gray.
  • Spooky – Is your cat always popping in and out of places, so you never know when to expect them to show up? Or do you love to cuddle up to them while watching spooky movies? Try the name Spooky as the purrfect cat name.
  • Stardust – Now we aren’t scientists so we can’t be 100% sure that stardust is gray, but we’re going to guess that it is. And we think that stardust is pretty wonderful and amazing, after all, David Bowie did sing about it. So why not give this purrfect kitty name to your cat or kitten?
  • Phantom – This is a very old fashioned name for Ghost, and could be the purrfect name for your kitty. Try this especially if you love vintage movies.
  • Shadow – Some cats just love to be your little shadow, following you from room to room. If you have a big love bug like this, why not name them Shadow? A purrfect name for a gray cat.
  • Frothy – If you’ve ever been in a haunted house at Halloween, you’ll know that some frothy stuff is certainly gray. This name could be great for your cat if they have a light hearted, slightly silly purrsonality.


  • Esprit –  This is French for Spirit, another word people will say for Ghost. Try this for your gray cat with Parisian flair!
  • Grigio –  This is Spanish for gray Try this purrfect cat name for your lovely gray cat!
  • Echo – We know that an echo actually has no true color, it is a sound. But if you have a very vocal gray cat, one who meows all the time, talking to you and having little conversations with themselves then this could be the perfect name for them!
  • Pewter – This is a beautiful gray color, and we think everyone will admire your cat named Pewter. A very classic and old fashioned type of metal that many used long ago, it is a good name for history buffs who are cat lovers.
  • Silver – If you want a truly special name for your gray cat, why not give them a name with a little metallic glitter, like Silver? Be warned, a cat named Silver is likely to demand – no expect! – special treatment!


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