Geeky Cat Names

Is The Big Bang Theory one of your favorite shows? Do you spend most of your time on computer coding, gaming, or otherwise engaged? Then you just might like to choose a Geeky Cat Name.

We use the term “geek” with fondness because many of our people’s pals are geeks and there are lots of terrific superstar geeks out there to admire. Besides, the term “geek” has become one of coolness – take a look at Mark Zuckerberg with his Facebook success for just one example. But back to cat names.

For a Geeky Cat Name, you want one that brings out those wonderful geeky qualities that you see in your own cat, and also may remind you of some of your beloved geeky people and/or things. The cat named Apple is not only going to be a sweet name just like the fruit but will easily bring to mind the terrific Mac computers that so many creative, right-brained types love to use.

Here are some purrfect Geeky cat names for you to choose from. Share your own with us in the comments below!

  • Byte – Known as a computer term, most understand that bytes are small. So this purrfect cat name would be ideal for your little kitty or one that has a pint-sized meow. Just remember that bytes help make computers run – and just like any computer – your Byte is full of energy and zip!
  • Woz – If you are a geek or a geek admirer, then you know this geeky superstar as Steve Wozniak who helped to co-found Apple Computer with Steve Jobs and Ronald Wayne. Woz is still involved in pioneering technology and computer programming. This cat name is a great choice for your super smart cat – and since cats seem to be able to open cabinet doors that hold kitty treats when they are locked shut – just about any cat could be seen as a sheer genius (or magician!).
  • Googol – Most of us use Google regularly, if not daily to search for things, whether it is “Hawaii vacation hotels” or “how to unclog a drain.” Beloved by many geeks, especially for its well-known mission statement, simply saying “don’t be evil.” This search engine was named for a math term called ‘googol’ which means the number 1 and is followed by a hundred zeroes. So if you love math and want a unique, geeky name for your cat, try Googol. If your cat starts to try to do this type of math, counting on their paws, let us know!
  • Bot – A cute nickname for robot, and today so many robots have become super cute. You can even find robots that look like cats (or dogs…shhh…don’t tell the cats!). Some might think the cat named Bot would be super well behaved, following ever command, but we happen to think otherwise. Most likely this kitty will have their own, specially feline programmed brain that uniquely chooses to listen (or not) to what you say. But doesn’t that sound like most of us?
  • Einstein – No one will argue that Einstein was a genius. And he had quite the hairstyle, very memorable, some will say with a bit of sass. Lots of geeks and others look up to this super smart guy and his successful achievements. Naming your cat Einstein will almost be like having this terrifically wise guy over for dinner every night. He’ll also snuggle on the couch with you and try to climb the curtains, but for all we know, Einstein did that too!
  • Orbit – Got a super speedy cat that’s always on the go? If you’re looking for a geeky name for them, try a space inspired name that is geeky themed like Orbit. Its purrfect for that cat who never seems to come in for a landing, except maybe home for dinner or to cuddle up and go to sleep at bedtime.
  • Trekkie – A list of geek themed cat names would not be complete without this addition to the list. Some endure good natured ribbing for their love of the show – and you should try watching it, it’s pretty good! For that cat you think will always explore new territory – like outer space – or perhaps the next door neighbor’s back yard – Trekkie is a purrfect cat name to give them.
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