Christmas Cat Names

Ho, ho, ho! What could be more jolly than Christmas cat names? We thought you’d agree. There’s something about giving your cat a Christmas inspired name that makes you grin from ear to ear.

Christmas cat names will likely appeal to the sentimental and those who especially enjoy this warm hearted season that comes every year. Just think…every time you greet your cat in the morning, you’ll be reminded of that season of goodwill towards all man….and every cat! Here are some of our favorite Christmas names.

All of Santa’s reindeer: DasherDancerPrancerVixenCometCupidDonnerBlitzen, and Rudolph.  – fun cat names, especially great choices for pairs of cats or cats that are related. All of Santa’s reindeer are quick and light on their feet, these are great choices for that busy & active cat.

  • Santa  – jolly ol’ St. Nick could be the perfect cat name. Does he have a “bowl full of jelly” too…or is his full of kibble?
  • Christmas – Christmas is not just December 25th for many people, it is a feeling and a religious day. Naming your cat Christmas is a wonderful way to enjoy the Christmas season year-round.
  • Jolly – What could be more fun for the happiest cat around? If your cat simply makes you jolly, or has the jolliest personality you’ve ever seen, this could be a great cat name to choose.
  • Holly – Traditional greenery seen during the Christmas season and also a popular girl’s name. This is a sweet name for a female cat, especially if you want to choose a name that will remind you of Christmastime.
  • Merry – The greeting “Merry Christmas” is one of the most popular holiday greetings you’ll see during the season. Merry is happy name choice for your cat. Also a great selection for a pair of cats, one named Merry and another named Christmas.
  • Snow – If you’ve chosen a white or grey cat, Snow could be a wonderful name for them. While snow is cold and sometimes icy, this weather pattern is also known for bringing so much joy. Both children and adults love snow, for skiing, snowshoeing, sledding, and just taking a walk in. Just say “snow day” and you’ll make anyone smile. A cat named Snow would be a popular one in many homes.
  • Snowy – This is another fun option if you like the name Snow but want a name that sounds more like a nickname. Don’t think only white or grey cats deserve this name, you may choose this name because you got your cat on a snowy day. Or because your town is known for very snowy weather, or your cat seems to love the snow.
  • Snowflake – What a feminine, dainty name! This is a perfect choice if you want a Christmas themed name that reminds you of this snowy season. Why we can just see a cat named Snowflake delicately padding his way down the stairs on Christmas morning?
  • Blizzard – Naming your cat Blizzard reminds people to prepare for lots of busy activities. This is a cat who is going to make things happen. If your cat is full of energy and always seems to be into something – whether for good or for trouble – Blizzard could be a fun name to give them.
  • Carol – Who doesn’t love Christmas carols? And the name Carol is such a classic, traditional name. It’s perfect for your female cat when you want a Christmas themed name. If you love music and want to think about Christmas carols, this could be the ideal cat name to choose. Or get inspiration from this list from Wikipedia.
  • Joy – What a cheerful, uplifting cat name! Just hearing this name makes anyone smile. The Christmas season is known as a time filled with joy, and naming your cat Joy will remind you of this holiday time every day. And what a happy cat they will be!
  • Hope – This is a lovely, inspiring cat name to choose. Every Christmas season fills us with Hope. And who couldn’t use a bit more Hope each day, especially in the form of an adorable cat? This is a great choice for a cat name to keep the Christmas season in your heart, ideal for a sweet cat you love. A perfect choice for a pair of cats, with one cat named Joy and another cat named Hope. Or one cat named Hope and one cat named Faith.
  • Faith – Christmas for most of us is a time of faith. Naming your cat Faith is a wonderful way to remember the true meaning of Christmas each day. The name Faith is a very traditional girl’s name, and sisters were sometimes named Faith, Hope and Charity. It is easy to see that a cat named Faith will be very loyal and always by your side, that great companion and friend every cat should be.
  • Charity – For many who celebrate Christmas, it is a season of giving, giving to others who may be in need. Naming your cat Charity reminds anyone who meets your wonderful furry friend of this kind quality to be helpful to others. This may also be a cat who winds up being helpful, in those special ways only a cat can be. That cat who snuggles up to someone who has had a bad day or the cat who greets everyone who comes to the door.
  • Jesus – If you love Christmas and want to celebrate the origin of this holiday, Jesus could be the ideal cat name for you. Christmas is a happy day because it is Jesus’ birthday. This is the perfect name for a friendly and sweet natured cat.
  • Mary – Jesus’ mother was Mary. This is one of the most popular women’s names from the Christmas season, ideal for your female cat.
  • Joseph – Jesus’ father was Joseph. His name is one of the most well known men’s names you’ll hear during the Christmas season and is a great choice for your male cat.
  • December – What a perfect way to think of Christmas year-round, naming your cat after its month! This is an elegant name, something you won’t hear every day. A distinctive name perfect for that sophisticated cat.


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