Cat Names if You Love Grumpy Cat!

Many have fallen in love with Grumpy Cat, otherwise known as Tardar Sauce. Grumpy Cat has a LOT of friends – more than 2 million “likes” on Facebook, that’s quite a few people who look forward to seeing this adorable cat who has the oh-so-cute yet grumpy face!

Don’t be fooled into thinking that this Grumpy named cat is always cranky – we bet Tardar Sauce has a super sweet nature! Grumpy cat’s owner Tabitha Bundensen states that the always-grumpy look on her cat’s face is because of a medical condition: feline dwarfism. So many admire this adorable kitty now and Grumpy Cat has appeared in many places, including on the covers of newspapers and magazines.

If you love Grumpy Cat, you may be thinking about giving your cat a name that reminds you of this popular feline. Well, we have some names that may appeal to you!

  • Crankypuss – We bet that any cat named Crankypuss is going to be the exact opposite. People will be expecting a kitty that is not in a good mood and you’ll have one who is docile and very sweet.
  • Diva – Isn’t there a Diva inside every cat? This could be the purrfect name for your cat, expressing their inner Diva and desire to be admired.
  • Vinegarpuss – This is an expression that some will use, saying that someone is not being too sweet. Naming your kitty Vinegarpuss may remind people that your cat could not have that super sweet personality, but we bet they will have a very fun and playful personality.
  • Vinnie – This could be a nickname for your kitty named Vinegarpuss, or you could choose this cat name on its own.
  • Crabby – There’s something really cute about ‘Crabby’ that just makes us smile, we hope it makes you smile too. That’s because if you spend time around any cat or kitten, you’ll realize that they just aren’t crabby!
  • Sunshine – Now if you are thinking of a grumpy-like name, what could be more opposite than Sunshine? That’s what makes it so purrfect for your cat because it is such a happy name!
  • Argle Bargle – This is an old-fashioned saying, to mean ‘crabby and whiny.’ But it sounds so cute; it reminds us of argyle socks! We could see a cat with a beautifully patterned coat named Argle Bargle.
  • Miss Priss – Now this cat name is good, especially for an adventurous cat, a female one. The name sounds particularly fussy so people will expect a timid cat. They will be surprised when they meet your wonderful feline!
  • Nyet – This is ‘no’ in Russian and we think it makes a purrfect cat name, especially for a Russian Blue cat!
  • Pickles – Now we all know that pickles can be sweet or they can be sour. If you are looking for a grumpy-like cat or kitten name, this could be the purrfect choice for you, because people will expect your kitty to be the ‘sour’ pickle!
  • Sulky – There’s something so silly about this cat’s name, we thought you’d like it. Have you ever seen a cat sulk? Actually, we have, when we wouldn’t let a cat go after a bird he was hoping to catch.
  • Snit – This is another fun, grumpy-like cat or kitten name. Someone in a snit is simply having a fussy-like fit about something. This is a funny word that you just don’t hear every day, it makes for a terrific, unique cat name.
  • Snarky – This word has become (‘snark’) more popular in recent years and was used a while ago. Such a cute name for your grumpy-like cat or kitten! If they look like they’ve got something cranky to say, when you know they’d only say something cute, choose this purrfect cat name!



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