Calico Cat Names

Who can resist the beauty of calico cats? The classic calico has a lovely pattern in orange, black, and white, with patches of these colors along their coats. You’ll find calico cats in a variety of breeds, including the American Shorthair, Persian, and Japanese Bobtail. We have some purrfect cat names…just for your new calico cat or kitten!

Sometimes known as “money cats,” calico-coated cats are almost always female and can appear In numerous breeds. Calico or three-color markings, like other coat colors, are related to the x chromosome, so male cats exhibit calico markings only as a symptom of gene-altering Klinefelter’s syndrome.
A real calico is tri-colored: black or occasionally gray, orange/red, and white. Patches are most often solid-color, although some may be stripey. More intricate and genetically-related coat patterns include tortoiseshell and brindle. Tortoiseshell is often intricate loops of two colors, ranging from black and gray to red and white. Brindle coats often look as though a second color, almost in powder form, is sprinkled onto a primary one; black-and-gold and black-and-brown are frequent brindle combinations. The effect resembles cinnamon sugar or nutmeg on custard.

Rarity encourages the belief that calico cats bring luck. The association of luck and money is distinctly American, although the “Beckoning Cat” of Japan very often displays calico markings. “Maneki-neko” is usually shown holding a coin and is a frequent talisman for attracting customers to small businesses. A similar cat may appear as a good-luck symbol in Chinese enterprises as well.
Perhaps the most-recognlzed but least-known calico cat appears in the childhood classic poem, “The Duel” by Eugene Fields (1850-1895). It says far more about the temper of the times than the temperament of most calicos that, when the Gingham Dog and the Calico Cat have a fight, both toys are reduced to candidates for the rag-bag. Real calicos and their artfully-marked genetic relatives are welcomed as household pets is their generally loving and peaceful dispositions.

  • Pumpkin – The purrfect name for your cuddly, soft calico, especially one with a big, round tummy!
  • Halloween – For many, the colors black, orange, and white remind us of Halloween. Celebrate the fun of cute costumes and happy Trick or Treating all year-round by naming your cat Halloween.
  • Spice – If your cat adds that extra pizazz to your life, just the way spice does to your favorite dishes, then Spice could be the purrfect cat name for them.
  • Lady – There’s something so ladylike about many of the calico cats (female) that we have met. Lady seems to fit them well, as that purrfect cat name!
  • Ginger – Some calicos have ginger coloring in their pattern, the name Ginger could be the purrfect cat name to compliment them.
  • Princess – We don’t have to tell you that every cat is a teensy bit spoiled…so why not give in and name your calico cat or kitten Princess? Just like any member of the royal court, they’ll be sure to let you know what to do next!
  • Duchess – If your calico has a regal attitude, try Duchess for the purrfect cat name. Queenie is another great choice if your cat seems to own any room they walk into.
  • Scarlett – Most who have calicos love their pattern so much. Give them a name that celebrates the “red” coloring in their coats!
  • Lucille – Who doesn’t love the funny lady Lucille Ball who made us laugh so much? We bet your calico will make you laugh with its kitty antics!
  • Red – Lots of people call redheads “Red” as a fond nickname. This could be the purrfect cat name for your calico, especially if they have a lot of orange in their coats. Especially good for male cats.
  • Rosie – If your cat is spunky and fun, you want a name that matches their purrsonality purrfectly. Try Rosie, for a great cat name.
  • Rose – Does your cat spend a lot of time in the garden? Or looking out the window, plotting how to catch the birds in the feeder? Rose could be that purrfect cat name for your cat or kitten.
  • Molly (Molly Ringwald) – Name your cat after the popular Breakfast Club actor and well-known redhead!
  • Reba (Reba McEntire) – Give your calico cat a name, inspired by one of country music’s best-loved stars & a very funny lady!

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