Book Review: Lost CAT: A True Story of Love, Desperation and GPS Technology by Caroline Paul

Book Review: Lost CAT: A True Story of Love, Desperation and GPS Technology by Caroline Paul

This is a book about a lost cat, with a happy ending (no, I’m not going to give away the ending!). I was curious because the description of the book explained that the cat had been found and cat owners Caroline Paul and Wendy MacNaughton went to great lengths to try and discover exactly where Tibby had been while being a lost cat. I’ll admit what drew me to this book was that I’ve always wondered where my cat Sammy goes when he is outside. One of his favorite activities is to climb on the roof, so I don’t know if his other activities are as active or if he is just sleeping in the sun. I heard about the cameras you can attach to cat’s collars, but Sammy is the only cat we’ve ever had who refuses to wear a collar – so my questions will forever go unanswered.

Paul & MacNaughton’s questions however have been answered quite well for two very determined people who set out on one mission: to discover where Tibby went for five weeks. The biggest challenge appeared to be not only had Tibby left for five weeks but had returned ½ a pound heavier and with a silky coat. This was not a straggly, starving kitty returning home. This was a happy, very satisfied kitty returning home as if he’d taken an extended vacation!

What comes as a lovely surprise are Wendy MacNaughton’s charming illustrations that accompany the story. Paul’s partner in life has illustrated this story with both realistic cat images and funny ones to help tell this tale. Once you see the first illustration it is difficult to imagine the story without them, as MacNaughton truly brings the cats Tibby and Fibby to life with a great personalities. It also seems to show that MacNaughton began as a cat “liker” while in the early stages of dating Paul but grew to be a cat lover – to create the images she does one would likely love cats very much!

The couple use every method of technology and discovery at their disposal, from pet psychics, GPS, Cat Cams (cameras on cat collars), animal communication, talking to pet detectives to help find out where Tibby has gone. Step by step they gather more and more information, some which is useful, some that seems illogical and other info that doesn’t seem to add to their search.

You will love this book if you’ve ever wondered what your cat is doing when you let them out the door. Or if you’ve ever wondered where a lost cat could have gone, this is one couple’s story and experience. Any cat lover or owner will certainly appreciate the emotions that Paul experiences deeply as the original owner who has had the cats for 13 years and the “voice of reason” that MacNaughton helps to provide at times as a new cat lover and owner.

This is a charming story with a lovely ending (won’t tell!). If you pick up this book, plan on finishing it that day because you won’t want to stop reading it!

Paul and MacNaughton, thank you for sharing the story of Tibby and Fibby.

Lost CAT: A True Story of Love, Desperation and GPS Technology
by Caroline Paul
Drawings by Wendy MacNaughton
ISBN# 978-1-60819-977-8
Source of review copy: publisher
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