Bombay Cat Names

Did you adopt a Bombay cat or kitten? We’re not surprised, they are simply amazing cats!

Not only is your Bombay feline a true beauty, but they have a delightful purrsonality and temperament. This cat breed is so good with children and enjoys socializing with people. If you choose a Bombay kitty, be sure to spend time with them regularly, as they don’t like to be left alone for too long. You’ll be rewarded every day with a super cuddly and sweet cat – your chances of the Bombay cat being a “lap cat” are very high. What could be better than watching your favorite show, or reading a book with a cup of tea & having your cat right there with you?

Do keep in mind that the Bombay cat is a very playful cat, so you’re going to want to keep them occupied. Give them toys and activities such as a cat tree, so they have lots of fun things to do. Play with them, whether with a feather toy or something else they like, this cat is always ready for fun!

  • Bastet – Your Bombay cat is so elegant looking, why not name them after the Egyptian goddess of cats? We know in your house, that your feline will be “worshipped” every day.
  • Thor – One of the Greek Gods, actually one of the most important ones. When Thor spoke, everyone, including the other Greek Gods, listened. This is a great name for your take-charge cat.
  • Panther – Doesn’t your sweet little Bombay kitten look like a tiny panther? We thought so! That’s why this name is so purrfect!
  • Midnight – Bombay cats are beautiful black coat color and they always have that bit of mystery about them. Don’t you wonder what your cat is doing at midnight or other hours?
  • Shadow – The purrfect name for your super active and playful Bombay cat! If you feel like sometimes you only see their shadow, choose this name for them.
  • Coal – When you actually look at a piece of coal, it is glossy black and has a wonderful luster. But we know that your Bombay cat is more beautiful than anything!
  • Felix – One of the most well-known and vintage cartoon cats! He delighted and entertained us for years. A great cat name.
  • Salem – When your cat has that extra bit of witchy mystery about them, here is the purrfect cat name for them. Perhaps they’ve cast a spell on us all!
  • Ebony – Like the keys of a piano, the black keys are known as the Ebony ones. If you love music and think your Bombay cat has a musical meow, choose this name for them.
  • Sinatra – One of the best-known singers in the world. A top-notch voice and always had a terrific song to sing. Choose this name when your cat can’t resist but take center stage and always deserves it.
  • Batman – Do you think your cat is secretly a superhero? Perhaps they are Batman’s buddy, or another superhero. Batman makes a purrfect cat name for them!
  • Batgirl – Is your female Bombay cat having secret adventures and out saving the world? Why not give her a superhero name?
  • Darth Vader – If you are a huge Star Wars fan, here is a great cat name for your Bombay cat or kitten.
  • Oracle – A slightly mysterious and mystical name for your Bombay feline. Will they predict the future? Is someone going to grill them a salmon?
  • Pepper – The purrfect cat name for your feline who has tons of purrsonality! If everyone on the neighborhood block already knows your cat and you only got them 2 days ago, this is a name with extra “spice” for them!
  • Espresso – Do you have a cat who loves to wake you up in the morning? Who needs caffeine? You’ve got a feline alarm clock.
  • Java – Is your cat super active, as if they’ve had a good cup of coffee? Choose this fun cat name for them!
  • Olive – Who can resist a juicy black olive? Such a distinct taste. Quite like your cat – when you name them Olive, we know they are quite special & very unique.
  • Lucky – Now some look at a black cat in the USA and think they are unlucky. But did you know in other parts of the world – black cats are super lucky? So, embrace that luck and call your Bombay cat Lucky!
  • Pandora – Always a bit of mystery to your cat? Give them this name.
  • Sneakers – Is your cat always on the go? Give them a super active name to match.
  • Stormy – This is the purrfect name to match your cat’s coat, while their purrsonality is super sweet. It will surprise everyone!
  • Noir (French) – This translates into “night.” A lovely name for your cat.
  • Widget – Here’s a super cute name, especially for your extra curious cat.
  • Gizmo – A delightful cat name for one who does unexpected things.
  • Onyx – This gemstone is glossy and black, truly elegant. If you have a Bombay cat with unmatched style, pick this name.
  • Bond (007) – Now James Bond is a great name for a cat that always looks so stylish!
  • Martini – Is your cat the life of the party? Why not call them Martini?

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