Black Cat Names

Most notice a black cat when it crosses their path…and we know the cat lover will always stop to pet it! Some cultures think that a feline is quite lucky. Others think the black cat is a sign of bad luck to come. But many ignore all of this and simply adore their black cats – knowing it is always lucky to be the pet parent of such a beautiful and majestic animal.

According to the Cat Fanciers’ Association, 22 breeds include black cats. In spite of their numbers, CFA requirements are quite specific to be counted as a black cat. The coat must be solid, free from rusty highlights or brindling; nose leather and paw pads must be black. Some exceptions are made for Oriental breeds and Sphynx cats, which allow dark brown paw pads. Bombay cats are exclusively black. High melanin pigment content means that many black cats have gold, rather than green, eyes, and in most breeds, there is slightly more male than female black cats.

Ancient associations with the dangers and mysteries of nighttime dark account for some of the strong reactions, both positive and negative, to black cats. Celtic mythology about the fairy in the disguise of a black cat, Cat Sith, ascribes good luck to blackies, and throughout the United Kingdom, black cats are regarded generally as bringing good fortune. Most European countries and traditional America take, quite literally, a darker view, equating black cats with the dangers of the night, superstition, and witchcraft. Witches are thought to spend their nine lives turning into cats that are specifically black and having a black cat cross your path can foreshadow misfortune.

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It is no surprise that celebrity black-cat owners tweaked the establishment in other ways.  Famous black-cat lovers included Marlon Brando, Patti Smith, Frank Zappa, and Brigitte Bardot. George Clooney, John Travolta, and Morgan Freeman have all been photographed with black-cat buddies.

Whether your black cat seems mysterious, lucky, or just plain fun, we’ve got some great black cat names for you!

  • Magic – If your cat seems able to magically walk between the raindrops or to “make” that chicken tidbit fall from the counter just by looking at it, then Magic could be the purrfect name!
  • Midnight – Many think of midnight as a mysterious, romantic and even a serene time of day/night. If your cat is silent, stealth-like and has a peaceful quality then choose Midnight as a great cat name.
  • Smoke – Any pet parent knows that cats – like smoke – can go just about anywhere and can appear from just about anywhere at anytime. If you have a cat that pops in and out whenever they please, and vanishes just as quickly as they appear, then look to this cat name. Or choose: Smokey or Smokey Joe
  • Onyx – Every cat is a precious jewel, a wonderful treasure. Why not name them after a gemstone? This healing gemstone is known for increasing your luck (just like the black cat!) and happiness. And what black cat wouldn’t make one just a bit happier? We thought you’d agree!

Try giving your black cat a name that fits their inky colored fur. Look at how lovely the word “Black” sounds when translated into several languages, try Google Translate for other languages:

French – Noir

Spanish – Negro

Italian – Nero

Portuguese – Preto

Romanian – Negru

Swedish – Svart

    • Smudge – If your cat or kitten seems to just show up everywhere you look – from the kitchen table to the bathroom counters to walking along the fireplace mantel – then Smudge could be a good name for this black cat!
    • Panther – Does your black cat seem to have a wilder, fiercer kitty inside of them? Perhaps you’ve seen them hunting in the backyard, or swinging their paws fiercely at their favorite cat toys. Try Panther for a name that doesn’t tame them too much.
    • Crow – When your cat zooms around the home, as if they have wings then you know you’ve got to find that purrfect name for them that fits like a glove. Crow could be a good choice for your black cat who seems to take off in flight.
    • Shadow – Does your cat follow you from room to room, or as close as a few footsteps away? Why its just like having a furry, cuddly shadow, isn’t it? We’ve got the purrfect name for this sweet cat for you!
    • Licorice – What could be sweeter than candy? your new cat named Licorice of course!
    • Caviar – Many love this indulgent treat. But of course, we know you love your cat more. We think your cat wouldn’t say “No” to a spoonful of caviar too if you were to offer it. Give them this name when you know they will prefer the finer things in life – just as any cat would!
    • Spooky – We all know them. It is like some cats just seem to read our minds. Or know where we want to sit on the sofa, so they jump up and sit right beside that spot. If your cat has an extra dose of feline ESP, choose the purrfect name for this black kitty.
    • Inky – Some black cats are so very dark, it looks like they have been hand dipped in ink. Artists and other creative types may prefer this purrfect name too, as they often spend time using ink. Try to keep your cat from leaving paw prints in ink!
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