Bengal Cat Names

Who can resist these beautiful cats? Known for being active, playful, and having a friendly temperament, they make wonderful pets. Often a little bigger than house cats, up to 15 lbs. These stunning cats are related to the majestic leopards – which pet parents can see simply by petting their lovely coats with spots and other markings. Just like their leopard ancestors, the Bengals love water!

If you’ve just adopted or purchased a Bengal, you can learn more about this cat breed by visiting The International Bengal Cat Society.

Many are proud to own Bengals including celebrities such as Kristen Stewart, from the Twilight movies!

Here are some purrfect cat names, especially for your lovely Bengal cat or kitten:

Leo – This cat name easily reminds one of the origins of the Bengal cat, the “big cat” the Leopard. Look into your cat’s eyes every day and see their inner Leopard!

Panther – Did you know that Leopard in Latin is ‘Panthera Pardus? So naming your Bengal Panther, is another great choice to keep their origins a special part of who they are.

Your Bengal cat loves water and may even surprise you by enjoying a swim!

  • Take a look at some of the top Olympic gold medalists in swimming for cat name inspiration.
  • Michael Phelps USA
  • Mark Spitz USA
  • Matt Biondi USA
  • Ian Thorpe Australia
  • Jenny Thompson USA
  • Amy Van Dyken USA
  • Krisztina Egerszegi Italy
  • Christian Siriano – If you liked Bravo’s Project Runway, then you know if Christian liked something he would say it was “Fierce!” We think a Bengal cat or kitten is pretty fierce (cool & exciting) while being your new best buddy.
  • Elle – This fashionable name is purrfect for your female Bengal kitty. If you love fashion then you know leopard print scarves, tops and dresses are very in style. Choose this purrfect cat name for your stylish and feminine feline.
  • Mermaid – Many are curious about these magical creatures who were half human and half fish according to legend. If your Bengal cat or kitty loves to play in water and you have a challenging time getting them out of the sink or the tub, them give them an aquatic name!
  • Aquamarine – This name is purrfect for your female Bengal and is known as the birthstone for March. It’s an especially great choice if you adopt your kitty during the springtime. But also consider this name if you adore your feline’s eyes!
  • Aquaman – Have a male Bengal cat who seems simply extraordinary? Give them a name that shows they are not an everyday feline. If they have adventures and you somehow think they might be secretly saving the planet at the same time from super villains, this is a purrfect name to choose.

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