A Special Romance Anthology Just for Us! Crazy Cat Ladies Box Set

Psst! Are you a Crazy Cat Lady?

Many think of the classic image of a “cat lady” wearing curlers and a plushy bathrobe, surrounded by cats. But if you are a cat lover, then you know that a cat lady can truly come in many forms.

Finally, there is a special romance anthology, just for cat ladies! With 9 romance stories taking the tale of a cat lady in different directions. There is sure to be one (or more!) story that will certainly appeal to you. Some of the stories feature big cats like lions or “shifters.” Some stories are sexy or sensual and other stories are sweet and sentimental. There’s something for everyone, its purrfect for cat lovers who also love romance.

I am the blog owner here and also one of the authors, Abby Cheshire. It was a lot of fun writing a romance story that featured cats too! One of my cats is a kleptomaniac, something that cats do occasionally. This cat “Captain” helps to be a bit of a matchmaker in my story. Wouldn’t we all love pets who could help us meet that special someone?


The romance authors have a special free mini e-book too. Wooing the Crazy Cat Lady in Your Life. It is full of articles, from wise cat ladies. It is advice about how to keep (and get!) a special cat lady. Some of the advice is even given – by cats!

The box set features stories from New York Times & USA Today bestselling authors, as well as stories from new-to-you authors and popular favorites too!

Here are the stories you’ll find and a bit about them:

The Vet & The Geek (Gone Geek #2) by Sidney Bristol, New York Times & USA Today bestselling author

Veterinarian Raul is reconnected with his cat once more – and he meets a surprising and sassy woman Miranda who outperforms his gaming skills. Miranda can’t tell if Raul is flirting with her or if he’s actually the stalker she’s been terrified of for years. Has she met the cat man of her dreams or the guy of her worst nightmares?

Mr. November by Melanie Ting

Marty Devonshire is a popular and brave “tough guy” player on the Vancouver Vice hockey team. But he’s terrified to ask for Elaine Salang’s digits. Fortunately, the entire team & Knightly the cat are on his side, will he take a chance on romance?

Cat Scratch Fever by L.C. Alleyne

Inspector Rafael Montigue is intrigued when discovering the scent of a possible mate during a meeting. Kristin Wallen is deep undercover to expose the Brazillian Minister’s drug ring. Terrorists attack and Rafe unleashes his panther shifter identity to protect Kristen. But she surprises him with a secret of her own that makes him look like a house kitty.

Decker & Joy: A North Pole Unlimited Romance by Elle Rush
Experienced P.I. Decker Harkness is searching for a lost prototype – to get a chance at a secure corporate security contract job. But Joy McCall, the sexy shelter manager has an investigation of her own, to find out who broke into Kitten Caboodle and stole the adorable foster kittens. The unlikely pair work together to solve the puzzle.

Cats in the Cradle by Jerri Drennen

Beatrice Daily is “the” crazy cat lady of the neighborhood and now has been accused of murder. Her neighbor and novelist Sam Littman writes her into his latest book – and truth and fiction start to blur together. The two fall right into something they never expected.

Forgive Me (Sanctuary Lake #2) by Lori Whyte

A neighbor’s cat drops a finger on Rachel Connor’s doorstep, and she never expects it will bring Grady Randall boomeranging back into her life. Grady broke her heart when they were teens but she turns to him when a dangerous stranger appears at her door. Will their reunion & spark survive, or will the murder reappear?

Sanctuary by Sukie Chapin

Indiana’s life is a mess and her exotic cat sanctuary is nearly bankrupt. Her only hope lies in the hands of a tall, dark stranger. Jake is searching for Loki the lion, the only good thing in his life. The two never expected to meet, but attraction grows as they decide if they can overcome old wounds and heal.

Mr. Hot Stuff by Abby Cheshire

Eight horrible blind dates, one after the other, and Lily’s decided to call it quits. She just wants to spend time with her five cats. Her newest rescue cat goes klepto, stealing a cute firefighter neighbor’s keys – and Lily’s perfect match may be right under her nose.

Dress Blues by Lisa Carlisle, USA Today bestselling author

When Vivi Parker volunteers for the fundraiser at the cat shelter, she’s surprised to see Jack Conroy, the guy she never could have and didn’t ever forget. The two served in the Marines and romance was totally off-limits. Now in Boston, the rules are different but so are they.

If you love cats & romance novels, then this is an e-book you’ll want to take a look at!

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