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Weather Cat Names

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Does the sun come out into the sky when your cat comes into the room? For a lot of cat owners, it seems this way. So it is no surprise that a Weather themed cat name would be a fun choice. You have many options with Weather cat names. Whether you want to name them after really stormy weather or a lovely sunny day, you’ll find great cat names from day to night!

Cloud – A great name for a big, puffy white or light gray cat, especially one who likes to roam indoors or outside. Some think clouds just float on by, but they are moving purposefully, just like a cat.

Rainbow – Bright and colorful, this name is great for any happy cat you know that needs a special name to make them stand out. This is a fun name, especially for a cat with a colorful pattern or just a “colorful” personality.

Sunny – Is your cat a bundle of sunshine? If your cat is always happy and full of energy, why not pick a name that suits their personality?

Sun – A great name for a big, orange cat or any happy, energetic cat. Also a great choice for any proud cats who know the house “revolves” around their activities.

Leo – Leo is “the sun god” and a terrific name for a cat, very regal.

Sky – The sky is vast, blue and open. Choose this name for an adventurous cat!

Misty – A great choice for a white or gray cat, especially one with a very sweet personality. Or choose this name for a fast-moving cat, one that could disappear as fast as mist can.

Crystal – Sometimes the weather is “crystal clear” and you can see all around you. A cat with this name is smart and has an uncanny way of always knowing things.

Thunder – Don’t think this cat would have a temper, but this cat is quite likely to be an expressive one with lots of meowing. Great for a gray cat too!

Sunshine – If your cat can make anyone smile, even the neighborhood grouch, then this is the name for them.

Tornado – Some cats seem to have the energy of several cats! Its not that they always make a mess, but they jump, they climb, they do it all – and its like owning a fur covered tornado. We know, we’ve been there.

Hurricane – This is an adventurous cat, sometimes one you have to get off of the curtains, but always a cat who will make you laugh.

Rumbles – The perfect name for a cat with a loud purr that reminds you of rumbling thunder, with a very sweet personality.

Mist – A white or gray cat, especially one who is good at hiding whenever it pleases. This is a smart cat who has a sixth sense about people.

Storm – A big cat most often and one that people admire for having such a proud stance. Storm is a great protector of the home and is very loyal.

Fog – Know that loveable cat who can always hide when there is a trip to the v-e-t or a dinner party? Fog is a great name for them.

Lightning – Lightning is bright, vivid and unique and never happens in the same place twice. Its the perfect name for that unique cat with a distinct personality.

Quake (Earthquake) – Got a cat who changes the room just by walking in it? Try naming them Quake, an simply unforgettable name.

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