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Valentine’s Day Cat Names


Are you getting a cat or kitten to celebrate Valentine’s Day? It’s a big step in a romantic relationship when you decide to get a pet together, and what more romantic day to do so than Valentine’s Day? (Please note: Remember that no pet should be a “surprise” gift, as you are gifting them with a forever home and any pet takes time, responsibility and a bit of financial expense as well.) But if the two of you are animal lovers, a pet could be a wonderful way to celebrate this romantic day. And if you are single, nothing could be better than to have a sweet, cuddly new friend (sometimes even better than some of those dates we’ve been on!).

We’ve got some purrfectly themed Valentine’s Day inspired cat names for you to choose from. Wishing you and your new cat or kitten a very Happy Valentine’s Day!

Cupid – If you knew this cat was yours from the moment you first saw them, this could be the purrfect name for them. Just like Cupid who shoots arrows into lovers’ hearts, that cat has found their way into yours. What a charmer!

Sweetie – Who can resist their sweetie on Valentine’s Day? Or any other day for that matter? This is a terrific name to give your kitten or cat, especially if they have a very friendly temperament, easy to get along with. Or better yet, if they remind you of your sweetie in some way!

Lovey and Dovey – These are good names for a pair of Valentine’s cats. A popular, old-fashioned phrase for being romantic “lovey dovey” also works well for 2 cat names. One for that super sweet feline who loves to cuddle up to you and make you smile. The other name, Dovey for the kitty who is curious about the birds who come to the feeder at the window!

Swan – Is your new cat extra graceful? Do they perform amazing antics, yet always seem to land with minimal effort and (of course) always on their feet and somehow never breaking a sweat? Try naming them Swan, a very graceful and elegant name. Why is it Valentine’s Day themed? Well swans mate for life and nothing could be lovelier than true love!

Bon Bon – You’ll know instantly if you’ve found a cat you should name Bon Bon. A cat that is that purrfect combination of sweet yet also mischievous too! They can make even your grumpiest neighbor smile but they will never hesitate to steal a turkey leg off the picnic table at the same time. Cats named Bon Bon can’t resist goodies!

Cocoa – Now this kitty is simply stealth, one of those cats who can enter a room with not a single soul noticing its presence. But when it does, everyone admires and compliments again and again its super soft, silky fur! Simply delicious to pat!

Everyone knows that flowers are popular to give on Valentine’s Day. So it will not surprise you that flower themed names are a terrific choice for your Valentine feline. A few we love that are feminine and full of purrsonality are Rose, Rosie, Tulip, Lily,Daisy or Hyacinth. I also wouldn’t put it past any of them to playfully bat at a vase on the table, but don’t worry, they won’t knock over a really expensive one. Somehow they know the difference!

Fabio – This romance novel cover model was mega-famous in the 1980’s and 1990’s for his good looks and charm. (Taking off his shirt in many of the covers didn’t hurt either!) Choose this name for your long-haired kitty, as Fabio was known for his stunning long mane of hair. Expect your cat to be simply irresistible in the neighborhood. Consider installing not only a microchip but GPS tracker as well.

What could be better than naming your Valentine’s Day kitty after a successful romance novelist? If your cat or kitten loves pink and has a penchant for dramatic scenes, then choose the name Barbara Cartland. Now if your feline adores glamour and prefers to travel – whether in or out of the carrier – then choose the name Danielle Steel who sets her books all around the world.

Are you adopting a pair of cats? Why not name them after a romantic couple?

You could choose Romeo & Juliet, from Shakespeare’s classic tragedy.


Ellen and Portia – Ellen DeGeneres is not only very funny, but is well-respected for her work with the Humane Society.

Shakespeare – The author of Romeo & Juliet and lots of romantic poetry too, this is a great cat name if you’d like to choose something romantic and sentimental for Valentine’s Day. Romeo & Juliet are purrfect cat names, especially for a pair of felines.

There are other classic romantic poets to name your cat after such as:

William Blake, Lord Byron , John Keats and William Wordsworth

Taylor Swift – This popular singer and author of so many great love songs is a purrfect cat name – she’s also a cat lover! According to, her cats are named Meredith and Olivia, both inspired by popular TV characters. Choose this name if you love her songs, for your female cat!

Stevie Wonder – He’s written many great love songs, including ‘I Just Called to Say I Love You’. Give this great name to your male cat or kitten, especially if they have a magnificent meow!

Whitney Houston – This phenomenal singer was known for her beautiful voice with great range and so many love songs, including the ‘Greatest Love of All.’ Choose this name for your charming female cat or kitten!

Perhaps you want to name your cat after a popular movie actor who plays characters in love stories?

Ryan Gosling – He was featured in both The Notebook and Crazy, Stupid Love and most recently, La La Land. Gosling is known for his charm and (of course!) good looks.

Emma Stone is an actress who has appeared in many movies, such as Crazy, Stupid Love and most recently, La La Land. Emma could be a great name for your female cat, especially if they are charming and a good “dancer” (active!).

Dove – This bird is well-known for Valentine’s Day (“love birds” or even “lovey dovey”). If your cat is sweet tempered and yes, a bit lovey dovey then this could be the purrfect name for them!

Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers – this popular pair never stopped smiling or dancing, their love story is well known as they appeared in movies together. If you have a pair of super active cats, this could be a great pair of romantic names for them!

Lucy & Ricky (from I Love Lucy) – this comedic couple made everyone smile. Lucille Ball was a popular redheaded comedienne whose TV shows still make people laugh today. If you have a pair of cats who make you giggle (and you can’t stop!), then choose this pair of purrfect cat names.



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