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Tuxedo Cat Names

There’s something simply special about a Tuxedo cat. The first thing you notice is their beautiful black and white coat, with stunning markings and pattern. But so many admire the Tuxedo cat’s wonderful, friendly personality and intelligence. This is one cat who will always be able to figure out how to open doors or do other things that will surprise you with their “smarts.”

Like tabby, “tuxedo” describes a bi-color pattern that can occur in numerous breeds of cats. Most tuxedo cats are black and white, with the next most common combination being gray and white. Bi-color cats can be spotted or striped, but it is the bib-and-tucker-like distribution of colors that sets the tuxedo apart. Those who prize tuxedos look for white on the face, chest and paws and often favor cats with the most symmetrical markings. American and British Shorthairs, Scottish Folds and Persian cats are among the breeds where handsome tuxedo cats can be found.
Although the pattern crosses a variety of breed lines, tuxedo cat lovers have some consistent things to say about the behavior of tuxedos, whatever the origins. Observers find tuxedos attentive, extroverted and intelligent. Although they are not automatic lap-grabbers, tuxedos tend to like spending lots of time around their owners and have a high degree of playful curiosity. In their permanent formal-wear, tuxedo cats seem to imitate the dispositions of good formal party guests: confident, sociable, gregarious and patient with minor irritants. More than one owner has commented on a unique sweetness of character that seems to go with perpetual party dress.

Remember that bi-color cats come in a number of patterns, and not all black-and-white combos qualify as tuxedo. A white cat covered with black spots, for instance, is more likely to be called a “cow cat.” Smallish black markings on a predominantly-white cat’s head and shoulders may be dismissed as “mask and mantle” or “cap and saddle.” Although tuxedo is a color-blend rather than a breed, your true tuxedo should appear to be wearing a jacket, or perhaps full evening dress, even if a bit rakishly.

Famous fictional tuxedo cats range from Sylvester of Bugs Bunny fame to The Cat in the Hat (himself!) and Mr. Mestofellees, one of the Jellicle cats of T.S. Eliot’s Old Possum’s Guide to Practical Cats and a star of “Cats,” the Broadway musical to historical favorites Felix the Cat and Puss in Boots. Figaro, owned by the woodcarver who created Pinocchio, completes this wide-ranging list of famous cats. Well-known owners of tuxedo cats are said to include William Shakespeare, Ludwig Beethoven, Sir Isaac Newton and, more recently, President Bill Clinton and his family.

Here are some purrfect Tuxedo cat names, to help you find that terrific cat name!

Bond – What could be a better Tuxedo cat name than Bond, after James Bond? Everyone knows that Bond looks his best wearing a tuxedo, and the Tuxedo cat is wearing his “tux” everyday. Smooth, sophisticated and welcomed everywhere – just like Bond – your Tuxie cat will be a true favorite!

007 – Bond fans will know that this is his nickname, and another purrfect cat name for your Tuxie cat. You could even have a pair of Tuxedo cats – Bond and 007.

Tux – This can be a popular name for your Tuxedo cat because so many first like to admire the tuxedo this kitty wears. If you want to compliment their tux, choose this purrfect cat name.

Cary – If this name looks familiar, it is because it is inspired by the well-known Cary Grant. Suave and sophisticated, Cary Grant always looked so wonderful in his tux. Try this purrfect cat name if you love old, vintage movies and want a classic name for your kitty.

Gatsby – Everyone knows that Gatsby led the glamourous life and considered a tuxedo to be regular apparel. If your Tuxie kitty prefers the finer things in life (and what cat doesn’t?) then give him this purrfect cat name.

Daisy – This is Gatsby’s sweetie in the book & movie The Great Gatsby and a purrfect choice for your pretty and sweet female Tuxie cat. Try naming your pair of Tuxie cats Gatsby and Daisy.

Tango – The Tango dance is romantic and sophisticated and many do this wearing a tuxedo. It is also often seen at weddings, the ultimate romantic day. If you wear rose colored classes and want to give your Tuxie kitty an especially sweet and romantic name, try Tango!

Crystal – For the Tuxedo cat you know who would turn its nose up at anything except the very best in life. Some cats – and by this we mean just about all of them – seem to know it is their birthright to demand the best of the best. If you have a little Prince or Princess, try naming them Crystal.

Caviar – Any cat in your life is a true treat and indulgence. Give your purrfect kitty the name Caviar because they are a treat you simply can’t do without!

Champagne – This purrfect cat name is ideal for your Tuxie cat because these cats are already dressed for a special occasion. They look like they are ready to give a toast or drink a glass of champagne at a celebration.

Jackie – Is your Tuxie female kitty extra elegant? Then choose Jackie – for Jackie O as their purrfect cat name. A strand of pearls is optional.

Grace – So many admired and emulated the wonderful and sophisticated Grace Kelly. Name your Tuxie kitty Grace Kelly.

Audrey – Many love the fun movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Seeing Audrey Hepburn wearing her LBD (little black dress) and a strand of pearls, this look so many women emulate today. Try this classic kitty name for your Tuxedo cat.

Yin & Yang (pairs) – This is a purrfect set of cat names for your Tuxie cats. The Yin Yang symbol is black and white and reminds us of the opposites that compliment each other in our world, just as a pair of cats will compliment themselves so nicely.

Freckles – One of the things that is wonderful about Tuxie cats is often you will see then with little “freckles” on their face, black or white ones. So why not name your kitty Freckles? This is a fun name to give your kitty!

Mensa – This may sound familiar to you, because the Mensa Society is for geniuses. The Tuxedo cat is considered very smart. Why not compliment their smarts by giving them a smart name?

EinsteinAlbert Einstein was undoubtedly one of the smartest people around, considered by most to be a genius and an innovator. Name your super smart Tuxie cat Einstein and see what they invent with that tinfoil ball they chase across the floor!

Egghead – This playful name will always have you on the lookout for your Tuxedo cat’s smarts. A good thing, because Tuxies are super intelligent!

NewtonIsaac Newton was very innovative and owned a Tuxedo cat. Why not name your Tuxie after Sir Isaac?

Beethoven – This classical musician is known for the beautiful music he has created. But many don’t realize that he also owned a Tuxedo cat. You can name your Tuxie cat after this musician!

Shakespeare – We all know this writer is one of the most significant of our time, writing Romeo & Juliet and many other comedies & tragedies. He also shared his life with a Tuxedo cat! Name your kitty after this well known writer!


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