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Summer Cat Names 

What could be better than summertime? Why, a cat named after your favorite season – summertime – of course! There are so many wonderful things to enjoy in summer. Here are some purrfect summer cat names, inspired by favorite summer activities and things you’ll often only see in this season. Popsicle – We think a cat with this name won’t ... Read More »

Geeky Cat Names

Is The Big Bang Theory one of your favorite shows? Do you spend most of your time on the computer coding, gaming or otherwise engaged? Then you just might like to choose a Geeky Cat Name. We use the term “geek” with fondness because many of our people pals are geeks and there are lots of terrific superstar geeks out ... Read More »

Spring Inspired Cat Names

Look around you & it’s easy to see that spring has sprung! The crocuses are in bloom and the robins are singing. We know the cats & kittens in our lives are quite interested in those robins….but that’s another tale to tell… Spring is also known as “Kitten Season” at animal shelters, when many kittens are born and thus available ... Read More »

Las Vegas Inspired Cat Names

Is Vegas your favorite place to be? If “Sin City” is where you love to take vacations or where you call home, then perhaps you’d like to give your cat or kitten a purrfect Las Vegas inspired cat name! Please leave your Las Vegas inspired cat names in the comments! Elvis – Don’t worry, this sweet kitty won’t step on ... Read More »

St. Patrick’s Day Themed Cat Names

Does your cat or kitten have a bit of the “Luck of the Irish?” Then perhaps a St. Patrick’s Day themed cat name would be the purrfect one for them! St. Patrick’s Day is otherwise known as the Feast of St. Patrick and is celebrated on March 17th. This is a Christian feast day that marks the arrival of Christianity ... Read More »

Cats & Astrology with Astrologer Pamela Cucinell!

Most of us know about our astrology sign, but did you ever think about cats & astrology? Here is an interview with well-known astrologer Pamela Cucinell! Pamela Cucinell has passed the rigorous testing of the National Council of Geocosmic Research and holds NCGR PAA certification for astrological consulting. She ran a storefront wellness and metaphysical gifts business for six years ... Read More »

Tabby Cat Names

Looking for a purrfect name for a new tabby cat or kitten? Many people love tabby cats. Did you know that you can easily tell if your cat or kitten is a tabby if they have a “M” marking on their forehead? Tabbies also have beautiful markings, with stripes, swirls and dots. Many people say they own a “tabby cat,” ... Read More »

Animal Inspired Cat Names

Does your lil’ kitty have a big ol’ tiger or fierce lion in him? Or what about the active antics of a monkey? Animal names are often the purrfect choice for cat names because you can capture your cat’s personality and physical description so well. You have many choices for animal inspired cat names, here are a few of our ... Read More »

Caring for a Kitten with Expert Amy Shojai

Are you thinking about getting a kitten, or have you adopted one recently? Some think that kittens are just smaller versions of cats – but that isn’t entirely true. Whether you’ve had cats before or this is your very first kitten, you’ll learn some helpful tips to care best for your new furry feline friend from expert Amy Shojai. We ... Read More »

Cat Names if You Love Grumpy Cat!

Many have fallen in love with Grumpy Cat, otherwise known as Tardar Sauce. Grumpy Cat has a LOT of friends – more than 2 million “likes” on Facebook, that’s quite a few people who look forward to seeing this adorable cat who has the oh so cute yet grumpy face! Don’t be fooled into thinking that this Grumpy named cat ... Read More »