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50 Shades of Cat

Most of us have heard of that 50 Shades of Grey book by now. A movie based on the book will come out on Valentine’s Day. You’ll find 50 purrfect cat names, inspired by a rainbow of color shades. There’s something here for everyone. Some like to name a grey or orange cat with a cat name that specifically compliments ... Read More »

Valentine’s Day Cat Names

Are you getting a cat or kitten to celebrate Valentine’s Day? It’s a big step in a romantic relationship when you decide to get a pet together, and what more romantic day to do so than Valentine’s Day? (Please note: Remember that no pet should be a “surprise” gift, as you are gifting them with a forever home and any ... Read More »

Celebrate Your Cat’s Got ‘Em Day!

Hey! Did you get a cat? Are you celebrating their “Got ‘Em” day? If not, why not? I adopted Penguin from our local Humane Society last Friday, December 13th. I knew instantly that he was my cat and I was his pet parent. Since then, every Friday the 13th has been a lucky day for us and we’ve looked forward ... Read More »

Nautical Themed Cat Names

Some might think that cats & boats go together as well as well, cats & water do. But actually, cats have been on ships for a long time. Many boats and ships have had cats on them to help keep the vermin (rats and mice) populations down. These were cats hard at work, while certainly enjoying the rewards of what ... Read More »

Magician Cat Names

There’s more to magic tricks than pulling a rabbit out of a hat. Then again, most cats and kittens would be pretty excited at the sight of a rabbit! Giving your cat a Magician Cat Name is fun and unique. For one thing – many cats are known for pulling their own disappearing act – and then reappearing just as ... Read More »

Monsters and Mythical Creatures Cat Names

Want to give your cat or kitten a name that will stand out from the crowd? Consider a Monsters or Mythical Creatures cat name. No one is saying that your sweet, adorable feline is any type of monster – but in today’s popular culture, monsters and mythical creatures have become real favorites – found in TV, movies, comic books, graphic ... Read More »

Sew Cute Cat Names

Do you like to sew or enjoy crafts? Then a Sew Cute cat name could be the purrfect choice for your new cat or kitten. There’s something so cozy about sewing and needle crafts, after all, you’re working with fabric – and cats adore fabric! Many cat lovers who do this type of craft work are often finding their biggest ... Read More »

Fairy Tale Cat Names

Who doesn’t love a good fairy tale? Fairy tales seem more popular than ever – with TV shows inspired by them such as ABCs Once Upon a Time and Broadway’s Cinderella. Everyone knows that cats have that “star” quality so it makes purrfect sense that you would want to give them a name that comes from a fairy tale. One ... Read More »

Summer Cat Names 

What could be better than summertime? Why, a cat named after your favorite season – summertime – of course! There are so many wonderful things to enjoy in summer. Here are some purrfect summer cat names, inspired by favorite summer activities and things you’ll often only see in this season. Popsicle – We think a cat with this name won’t ... Read More »

Geeky Cat Names

Is The Big Bang Theory one of your favorite shows? Do you spend most of your time on the computer coding, gaming or otherwise engaged? Then you just might like to choose a Geeky Cat Name. We use the term “geek” with fondness because many of our people pals are geeks and there are lots of terrific superstar geeks out ... Read More »