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Tabby Cat Names

Looking for a purrfect name for a new tabby cat or kitten? Many people love tabby cats. Did you know that you can easily tell if your cat or kitten is a tabby if they have a “M” marking on their forehead? Tabbies also have beautiful markings, with stripes, swirls and dots.

Many people say they own a “tabby cat,” but tabby is not a breed. The word “tabby” is thought to come from “atabis,” a French word with Arabic roots describing the color-pattern of watered silk taffeta. Like “houndstooth check” and “buffalo plaid,” tabby describes an arrangement and range of colors rather than a single, specific object. Tabby markings are classically stripes, whorls and dots, in two shades of the same color (dark and light orange) or two contrasting colors, like black and tan. Markings often include areas of pure white as well. Many tabby faces contain a distinctive marking; four short stripes arranged in an M on the cat’s forehead. Christian folklore says a tabby cat crawled into the manger at Bethlehem, and Mary marked the cat’s face with the initial M to thank the cat for keeping her baby warm. Because of their markings, American Shorthair, Abyssinian, American Curl, Occicat and several Oriental breeds all have family members with tabby markings as well as those of a single solid color.
Famous tabby cats show a literary bent: Dewey the Library Cat, the Cheshire Cat in Alice and Wonderland and cartoon-king Garfield. TV star Morris of 9 Lives catfood fame was the light-and-dark orange tabby variety often called a “ginger” or “marmalade” cat. While being owned by a cat is fame enough for most humans, overachieving tabby-owners include Abraham Lincoln (tabby), Sir Winston Churchill (Jock) and Edward Lear (Foss, who served as model for “The Owl and the Pussycat).

Carnival – Is your tabby kitten a bit wild? Why not give them a name that compliments their zany purrsonality? Remember too that carnival tents have lots of stripes, just like many tabby coats.

Pencil – Does your tabby have many lines in their fur? Pencil could be an adorable name for them, as if it looks like someone has drawn on them. This is also a good name for your skinny and slender tabby kitty!

Chalky – Tabbies are known for having unique coat patterns, with many colors. Try Chalky for a name when your tabby cat has white as part of their coat colors, looking as if they’ve been smudged with chalk.

Zebra – The purrfect name for your super stripy tabby, not just a black and white tabby. If your tabby cat has many, many stripes in their coat then this name could be purrfect for them!

Tabitha – An elegant name for your lovely tabby cat. Purrfect for your feminine and super sweet tabby cat.

Tiger  – This is a very classic name for a tabby cat, but its also a very popular choice. Many love the look of a tiger’s coat and at first glance, their tabby reminds them of a tiger. There’s a reason the classics last so long – because they are successful choices!

Convict – Do you have a lil naughty tabby kitty on your hands? Especially if he or she is stripy, consider Convict as their name, reminding everyone of the bars on a prison cell and the stripes on old fashioned prison uniforms.

Blazer – Does your tabby seem to have terrific manners, as if they are headed for the boardroom instead of out the door to chase the sparrows? Why not give them a name that suits this future CEO of the bird feeders? Its also a purrfect choice for a kitty whose coat has wide, strong colors in it.

Pinstripe – For some this will remind you of baseball (the New York Yankees to name one team) and others it will remind you of picking out a business suit. But naming your cat Pinstripe could be the purrfect choice if their coat pattern has skinny colors and lots of them!

Corduroy – Everyone knows that corduroy cloth is textured, soft and has lines in it. If your cat has a silky smooth coat and also has lots of lines in it, this could be the purrfect choice for their name.

Napoleon – Is your tabby cat super sweet? Why not name them after the yummy dessert Napoleon?

Candy Cane – Everyone knows the sweet and peppermint candy canes. Try this purrfect cat name, especially for your tabby cat with white in their coat pattern, or a kitty you adopt in wintertime.

Badger – Does your tabby cat have a mischievous side to them? Try a playful name for them for your active kitty!

Ticky – If you sew then you’ve heard of ticking stripe, a fabric. This is a sweet and cute name for your cuddly cat or kitten.

Marble – Don’t marbles move fast? They are also covered in swirls and swirls of color! If you’ve got an active tabby kitty with a beautiful coat pattern, choose this purrfect cat name!

Seersucker – A popular summertime fabric that reminds us of an old fashioned time, parades and picnics too. If you’d like a vintage style name for your cat, choose Seersucker.

Bengal – Bengal is a type of tiger and could be the purrfect cat name to choose if you’d like something that reminds you of tiger but don’t want the classic choice of Tiger as your purrfect cat name.

Lemur  – The purrfect name for your active tabby cat, especially one who loves to jump and climb. Lemurs have brown fur, so consider this name for a tabby with brown in their coat too.


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