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Sister Cat Names

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If you’ve not only adopted 2 cats but ones that are related to each other, it’s a great idea to give them names that reflect this special bond. Unfortunately most kittens and cats who are littermates and siblings wind up in different homes. Giving them the gift of not only being kittens together but growing old in a forever home is very precious.
We have some purrfect sister cat names for you. That sister relationship is strong, unique and unlike any other. Your sister will always be there for you – in good and bad times. Choose elegant, silly, witty, trendy or unique names that easily compliment your lovely sister pair of cats!

Lucy and Ethel – I Love Lucy is one of the most popular classic female comedies, featuring Lucille Ball. Choose this pair of cat names when your sister cats always make you smile, with memorable antics. Who could forget Lucy and Ethel in the chocolate factory? Or the delicious Vitameatavegamin?

Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy – Little Women is a well-known children’s and young adult book about sisters, featuring 4 close-knit sisters with very different personalities. Everyone who reads this is reminded that one’s sister will always be there for them to celebrate or to comfort them. If you’ve adopted a pair or a group of sister cats, this could be a great selection of names to remind them and you of their bond.

Curtsey and Sashay – Now aren’t these ladylike names? If you have a pair of sweet girl kittens who (almost always) behave like little angels, this could be a good set of names for them. We know they’ve got the occasional mischievous side too!

Thelma and Louise – When your sister cats are skilled at knocking things off shelves and sliding off the kitchen table with a fried chicken drumstick in their paws, you know you’ve got a set of adventurers on your hands. So name them after a pair who went off on a bit of a wild journey, just keep the car keys away from them!

Ruffles and Flourishes – Have you noticed how some cats just always seem to love sewing, knitting and other fabric crafts? You sit down the quilt and all of the sudden, you’ve got two little buddies to “help” with every task, like it or not. These names will remind you of their budding er, talents.

Flip and Flop – Did you adopt your new sister cats or kittens in the summer? Choose a summer themed name – such as Flip and Flop that will make everyone smile. They’ll also be sure to keep you on your toes.

Snowball and Snowflake – Did you adopt your sister cats in the wintertime? In many parts of the world it snows. So give them a name that reminds you of this season & the snow.

Ginger and Paprika – Do you constantly “shoo” your 2 cats out of the kitchen? These yummy names are inspired by spices and are purrfect for your sister cats or kittens. Let everyone know you’ve got 2 lovely foodie cats!

Jade and Onyx – Both gemstones, these are elegant names. Some believe gemstones have healing properties or other abilities. Others think they are simply beautiful to look at and love to wear jewelry adorned with them. So if you have 2 sister cats with glowing, gleaming eyes and silky, soft and shiny coats that everyone compliments, then these could be purrfect cat names to choose.

Shirley and Laverne – From the popular TV show in the 1970’s about 2 roommates that were as close as sisters. These are good sister cat names if you have 2 funny and slightly goofy cats that can make just about anyone laugh, even that neighbor who no one seems to make crack a grin.

Scamp and Tramp – You’ve think naming cats like this would mean they’re always in trouble. But instead, we bet they’re sweet as pie most of the time. After all, they know most people are watching them to see what they’re up to!

Mademoiselle and Senorita – Translated into “lady” in French and Spanish, these are lovely and ladylike names for your sister kittens or cats. Choose these names also if you love to travel.

Scylla and Charybdis – These elegant names are purrfect if your sister cats have a touch of that mischievous side to them. If they are always looking for temptation and opportunity instead of having it come across them in daily life, such as the occasional table scrap that lands near their dish.

Misty and Cloudy – Do your new cats love the outdoors? This is a purrfect set of names for them, letting everyone know of their passion. You know they’ll be sure to come in for a warm, cozy bed and meals. Otherwise they’ll be outside chasing squirrels and watching the birds!

Lush and Lacy – Looking for sweet names for your sister kittens? This pair will remind you of how charming they are. Very feminine names purrfect for cats or kittens that are all sweetness and light.

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