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Review: Amazing Funny 2020 Cat Calendars from Willow Creek Press

Cats & LOL-ing…what could be better? Why, we couldn’t agree more! That’s why we know, that you’re going to want to check out these purrfect 2020 Funny Cat Calendars, from our friends at Willow Creek Press.

One of our favorite things about these Willow Creek Press calendars, is that the cats look like they are having FUN creating these monthly scenes that we giggle at! So, it’s as if the cats are LOL-ing, right along with us!

The boxes for the days give you plenty of space to write things down. So, if you have a couple of things scheduled on a Tuesday, don’t worry, you can put them all in! All of the U.S.A. and International holidays can be found on the calendars too. What we think will make you smile a bit wider, is that you don’t have to wait ’til January 2020, to start enjoying your favorite new cat calendar. All of them have 6 bonus months, so they’ve started July 2019!

Expect to see a variety of poses and images too. This is not “just” an adorable cat in a pretty scene. You will see cats, doing things that pet parents know and love cats for doing – such as lounging on a freshly rolled out yoga mat in the sun.

Now, I know a lot of people have gone digital to keep track of their daily activities & yes, I do a bit of that too myself. But personally, I always buy at least 2 wall calendars every year – one for the bedroom and one for the kitchen. If you have a family (or roommates), it is especially ideal to “track” schedules on the kitchen calendar, and then put anything personal on the one I keep in my bedroom.

Here are the Funny Cat Calendars from Willow Creek Press, that we know will make you LOL…your cats too!

ACatEmy Awards 2020 Wall Calendar

This 12 x 12″ wall calendar features cats in some of your favorite movie posters – all with cat themes! Such as “Cattyshack,” “The Big Meowski,” and “The Sound of Mew-sic.”

It’s purrfect for any movie fan, as well as cat lovers too.

Angry Cat 2020 Wall Calendar

You’ll find Garfi, who is known for a hugely “hilarious furious face” (according to USA Today) and is a beloved Internet cat.

Just as most of us can’t resist a pouting toddler, this sweet kitty with a mad facial expression is utterly adorable! When you look at Garfi’s photos, it is easy to see that this feline is all in on the good fun too!

Cat-Astrophe 2020 Wall Calendar

If you or someone you know is a meme fan and also loves cats, then you have found the purrfect wall calendar for them this coming year! Because every month features a su-purr funny cat, along with a meme-like saying we could imagine the cat saying (or someone saying to them!).

This calendar starts early, so you don’t have to wait ’til January 2020 to enjoy it, the first month on it is actually July 2019. So, there’s no real catastrophe here, just lots of LOL-ing!

This is also available as a Mini Calendar too!

Cat Shaming 2020 Wall Calendar

Do you have a (slightly) mischievous cat or kitten? Then, we’ve got the ideal calendar picked out just for you!

The Cat Shaming trend just took off on the ‘net, with so many people sharing the goofy and naughty things their felines did. Posing their adorable kitty, next to a sign saying what their deed was! Why, no matter what they’ve done – you just can’t help but want to snuggle them anyway!

This is a fun cat calendar for families or people who can relate to what it’s like to have a cat that likes to unroll the toilet paper, well, “just because” – no matter what they try to do!!!

Happy Cats 2020 Wall Calendar

Want a calendar, where you can’t resist smiling each time you look at it? Then we know you want the Happy Cat one!

It features some beloved cats from Instagram, if you are a cat fan, then you’ve probably seen their pics and will recognize them! Now you can see one of your favorite ‘Gram kitties every month, and just imagine what fun they are going to be up to next!

Ninja Cats 2020 Wall Calendar

We have to admit, that no one is surprised to see cats posed as Ninjas for a fun calendar. After all, if you’ve watched your cat in action for about 20 minutes, couldn’t you see your feline being the very best ninja ever?!?

Get this calendar especially if you love martial arts, because we know that you will identify these classic poses the cats are in. This is a fantastic calendar to get as a gift, for that family member or friend who has a super active kitty that knows how to scale the living room drapes and walk daintily on the curtain rod, without causing any type of calamity!

Simon’s Cat 2020 Wall Calendar

Simon’s Cat is one of the most popular cartoon cats around the world today. His adventures with his owner Simon are seen by nearly 2 Billion people on Facebook.

If you are one of the many, who has been charmed by Simon’s Cat’s antics, then this calendar is simply a must-have to get 2020 off to a great start! Every month will make you smile, as you see Simon’s Cat trying something new with the turn of every page for a new month.

This is also available as a Mini Calendar too!

You’ll find a Simon’s Cat Daily Desk Calendar too!

So many cats to LOL with, just in time for 2020! Which ones will you pick?

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