Thursday , 25 February 2021

Names for Mustached Cats


It’s truly unfortunate that some pet owners have considered naming pets for people who don’t deserve the honor. Naming a mustached cat Adolph or Hitler, for example, dishonors both the cat and its owner. Here are some names with a sense of positive fun:

Groucho (Marx) – A truly funny guy, known for saying things such as “In Hollywood, brides keep the bouquets and throw away the groom.” If you have a mustached cat that keeps you giggling, then Groucho could be the purrfect name for him.

Albert Einstein – Many who think of this genius don’t just think of his innovating thinking – but also about his wild hair and well-known mustache. “Albie” or “Einstein” could be a great name for your cat, especially if they have longer hair and a mustache.

Albert Schweitzer – This kind humanitarian had a firmly fuzzy upper lip. If your cat won’t even swat playfully at a butterfly, then choose this purrfect cat name.

Charlie Chaplin – Known as a comedic actor, especially for his role in “The Little Tramp.” He made so many laugh and smile. If your cat or kitten can make folks grin simply by entering the room, consider this cat name.

Tom Selleck – In the 1970’s, Selleck rose to stardom as a private detective on TV. Today he plays the NYC Police Commissioner on CBS’s Blue Bloods featuring a tight knit family and offers his wise yet funny council to family and employees. If your mustached kitty seems wiser than anyone would expect and always makes you smile, this is a good cat name for them.

Burt Reynolds – Now this is one of the most well-known actors with a mustache. Featured in many movies from comedy to drama – but always the good looking leading man. If your cat is simply adorable and has the eye of the lady cats in the neighborhood, “Burt” is a great name for him!

Dali – Love the arts? Why not name your cat after a popular artist? This is a great name especially if your cat has a skinny type of mustache.

Clark Gable – Are you going to name your cat after Gable? The leading man in Gone with the Wind who said “Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn!” stole many hearts on the silver screen. Keep an eye out – Scarlett might just try to wriggle through a window or the dog door!

Teddy or “TR” Roosevelt – One of our U.S.A. Presidents who was very distinguished, with an equally distinguished mustache. The Teddy Bear was named after Roosevelt and he lead the country during an important time, inspiring many people. Give your cat this name if he is as sweet as a Teddy Bear or has wonderful charisma.

Sigmund Freud – Had a beard, too, but the mustache is there – or is it merely a projection? Why do you ask?

Looking for a name with a bit of childhood charm? Try:

Captain Hook – from Peter Pan

Or try these mustache names!

Grandpa – Now don’t be mistaken and think this cat is going to be napping all the time. We bet this is a cat or kitten who is probably up to some mischief!

Caterpillar – An ideal name especially if your cat or kitten’s mustache is thick and wavy. A purrfect name too for an outdoor cat.

Munchkin – Is your cat tiny and mustached? Give them an adorable name that will make everyone smile!

Photo thanks to DonkeyHotey (c) at Flickr

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