Thursday , 25 February 2021

Meet Honey Bee the Blind Cat who Hikes & Goes on Adventures!

Yes, there are a lot of cats on the Internet, but Honey Bee is quite unique. She’s a sweet cat from Fiji who now lives in the Pacific Northwest, USA and her humans take her hiking all the time. While Honey Bee is blind, she is adventurous and enjoys every moment of these hikes, exploring the scents, sounds and sensations just as any other hiker might. And if you’ve ever been to the Pacific Northwest, then you will know this is truly a lovely place to get out into the out of doors!

PurrfectCatNames is honored to bring you a visit today with Sabrina Aeluro, Honey Bee’s Human & Honey Bee too, as we talk about this lovely cat!

PurrfectCatNames: What inspired you to first take Honey Bee out for a hike?

Sabrina Aeluro, Honey Bee’s Human: Honey Bee has a very outgoing cat, and she spent the first six months of her life living around Animals Fiji, a non-profit clinic.  She liked going outside, and that evolved into taking her on bigger adventures.  She loves smelling and listening to new things.

PurrfectCatNames: What was Honey Bee’s reaction to that 1st hike?

Sabrina Aeluro, Honey Bee’s Human: I think her first “big trip” was to a park in the city.  It has a stream running through it, and she was quite fascinated by listening to the water sounds.  Everything new is fun to her.  She wants to take in as much information about her world as possible.

PurrfectCatNames: I’ve seen your YouTube videos, and it looks like sometimes Honey Bee wears a harness & a leash and other times she is without one. How do you feel having her not wearing a leash, with all of those exciting noises, smells and even tiny bugs or birds to chase?

Sabrina Aeluro, Honey Bee’s Human: Honey Bee is usually wearing a harness and leash when outdoors, except occasionally when she’s in an area that’s definitely safe and she’s being supervised.  One time, during a hike, she ran off quickly after a squirrel and ran up a tree.  If she hadn’t been on a leash, she would have just kept climbing that tree.  The harness and leash is for her safety so she doesn’t get excited and run off after something interesting she hears.

PurrfectCatNames: What is Honey Bee’s idea of a perfect hike?

Sabrina Aeluro, Honey Bee’s Human: Honey Bee doesn’t like car rides, so we’ve never ventured more than an hour from Seattle.  The stop-and-go motion of cars seems to confuse her, but once she’s out and walking around, she’s happy.  Her perfect hike means spending as little time as possible in a car.

PurrfectCatNames: How long does Honey Bee usually like to hike? I’ve seen in her videos that she sometimes rides on her human’s shoulders, but what is your average hike with her?

Sabrina Aeluro, Honey Bee’s Human: She will get tired, so that’s when she becomes a shoulder-rider or sits in her pet sling (like a baby sling, but for animals).  Most of her adventures are one to a few hours long.  We overnighted once in a state park cabin, and so she got to listen to a fire and sniff at roasted marshmallows.

PurrfectCatNames: Honey Bee sounds very adventurous, which is great. Can you describe her purrsonality to us?

Sabrina Aeluro, Honey Bee’s Human: She’s one of the most outgoing and affectionate cats I’ve met.  That’s why I fell in love with her when we met in Fiji.  She’s so fearless and has this amazingly friendly personality.  We could all learn something from Honey Bee and her good attitude.

PurrfectCatNames: You adopted Honey Bee while you were in Fiji. How did you know that she was your cat, to give a furever home?

Sabrina Aeluro, Honey Bee’s Human: Honey Bee was so friendly, and kept climbing up my legs so she could get up onto my shoulder.  It was the cutest thing.  I had to import her to the US.

PurrfectCatNames: Other than hiking & the outdoors, what are some of Honey Bee’s favorite activities?

Sabrina Aeluro, Honey Bee’s Human: Honey Bee likes toys that make noise, such as toys with bells or crinkle balls.  She’s four years old now, and still very playful and active.  She also likes sitting at the window, much the way a sighted cat would, listening to the outside world.

PurrfectCatNames: If a fellow pet parent was thinking about taking their cat out for a walk or a hike, what would be your advice to them? How can you explore the outdoors with your “domestic” cat?

Sabrina Aeluro, Honey Bee’s Human: Honey Bee goes outside because she enjoys it, and I always tell people to not force it on a cat who doesn’t want to explore.  Cats are good at making up their own minds, so if your kitty doesn’t like the outdoors, that’s fine.  I want to give my cats options of fun things to do, but not force anything on them.

Honey Bee has a new kitten friend, Fig.  Once it warms up, I’ll see if he likes going out.  If not, that’s okay.  He’s perfect either way.

PurrfectCatNames: What would you like us to especially know about Honey Bee that we might not think to ask about?

Sabrina Aeluro, Honey Bee’s Human: Blind cats aren’t difficult to take care of.  I expected that Honey Bee was going to accidentally hurt herself and fall off of things, but she has an amazing memory and sense of balance.  I’m more considerate of not stepping on my blind cats, since they’re less aware of human feet, but they’re not a burden.  Special needs animals are wonderful, and many of them don’t have “special needs” that are difficult at all.

Be(e!) sure to visit Honey Bee and Fig’s Facebook page, because that’s where you’ll find out what they are up to next:  “Like” them on Facebook to follow their great adventures! If you are a huge Honey Bee fan (and who isn’t?), then we know you’ll want to get an adorable Honey Bee tee!:

All photos (c) Sabrina Aeluro & Honey Bee, from their Facebook page. Videos from their YouTube page. Thanks to Sabrina Aeluro & Honey Bee for photos & videos!

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