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KittyStrology for January 2016

Well, the New Year is off to a great start! Some cats have set New Year’s resolutions, such as finally reaching the top of the curtains when they claw at them or actually managing to sneak a piece of fried chicken off the table. Here’s what January has in store for your favorite feline friends.
Aries – The Ram during winter especially enjoys sports. Now we know for people this can mean snowboarding and ice skating. But for cats this includes racing along the windowsills to watch the birds at the feeder or batting at falling snow. You can expect your Aries kitty to be active and playful all month long.
Taurus – The Bull is known for having a very sweet temperament and being quite patient. That’s why this January your cat won’t mind too much if you talk a lot about bringing a new cat or kitten into the family. Actually, they might welcome the company. Just remember to keep your Taurus cat’s favorite treats stocked to give them extra TLC now and then.
Gemini – The sign of the Twins is a true social butterfly. It will come as no surprise that your Gemini cat makes a new friend this month. You may wonder if they are up to mischief, they are simply out playing and exploring, having adventures together. Be glad you have such a sociable feline!
Cancer – Anyone who has a Crab cat knows they are not a “Grumpy cat” but they certainly have a homebody streak. This is the pet who stays close to home and does not venture far, even if your others do. But one of the great gifts during January is your Cancer kitty spends special time with a family member, delighting and entertaining them at exactly the time when they need someone to make them smile.
Leo – The Lion cat is always regal and proud, just as we could imagine any cat to be. Well your Leo cat has a lot more to admire this January, with new toys or a scratching post to play with. Remember to encourage them to share if they are part of a multi-cat household. Sometimes Leos like to show off just a bit!
Libra – The sign of the Scales is graceful and diplomatic. During the month of January you might find it challenging because your Libra cat or kitty is going to explain to you that they would like a different type of cat food. It’s important to listen to your cat and sometimes “talking” about wanting a new cat food can come in creative ways – whether just turning up a feline nose at it or actually tipping over the dish!
Scorpio – Some think the Scorpion is going to be a hot tempered kitty but that’s not true, they are a bit intense and can be passionate about what they love though. In January your Scorpio kitty decides they “love” a special spot on the couch and won’t let anyone sit on it! You may have to let them have their way for awhile.
Sagittarius – The Archer is adventurous for sure, some might consider this sign a bit of an explorer. During this month your little Sag cat is going to be tempted to discover the attic and all of its treasures. It may be time to get them some new cat toys to keep kitty occupied!
Capricorn – The sign of the Goat is often one of the most successful astrological signs there is. If you have a cat who is known on Facebook or has a blog, they might just be a Capricorn – then again your Cappy cat might simply want to do this and you don’t know it! In January your cat or kitten is going to become attached to something you love – a pen or a collectable perhaps – and you’re going to need to “trade” it a new, shiny cat toy instead. Good luck!

Aquarius – The Water Bearer has to be one of the most unique and inventive cats we’ve seen out there. If you have a cat who is determined to drink from the garden hose, then they are probably an Aquarius. They invent playacting games all the time too. This month most likely they will chase their shadow and decide it is another cat! We hope you can convince them otherwise.
Pisces – The Fishes cat is dreamy and sensitive, certainly a cat who knows how you feel. Don’t be surprised if this cat shows up at exactly the right nano-second to get a treat when you are in the kitchen or have simply thought about giving them a little something yummy! In January you may have to put them on a diet for reading your mind so much!

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