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KittyStrology for December 2015

Do you & your cat wonder what fun & excitement the month holds? Will Fluffy find a mouse under the couch…that isn’t a catnip one? Will you bring home a sweet kitten for a purrfect fursibling to have adventures with? Let’s turn to KittyStrology to find out!

Maine Coon mix
Aries – “The Ram” Now this feline is sometimes a bit blustery and bold. The holiday season makes your home busier than ever, with decorating and parties galore. Your Aries kitty is never ruffled by this, more loves to be in all of the fun. Don’t be surprised if The Ram cat winds up being the big entertainment at your upcoming holiday party, whether knocking over the poinsettias or doing a dance on the coffee table!


Taurus “The Bull” One of the wonderful things about your Taurus kitty is that they are known for their patient temperament. This is not a cat who will get frazzled when you wrap gifts all over the living room or host a last minute party for the neighbors. The biggest challenge? The Taurus cat is going to be determined to stick to their regular routine, no matter what. So even if you’re trying to put together a dollhouse for your child, the Taurus cat will decide it is time for their evening brushing and patting.


Gemini “The Twins” This cat astrology sign is known for being very charming and quite the social butterfly. Christmas, Kwanza and Chanukah are times when the Gemini cat truly shine. Your home will be filled with company and your cat is always perfectly behaved – well, at least when it comes to company!


Cancer “The Crab” These cats are very nurturing and a bit of a homebody. Even if your Cancer kitty is an outdoor feline, you can count on them not to roam too far from home. One thing the Cancer cat loves about December and the holidays is that the family more often is spending lots of time at home. If you are traveling to be with loved ones this season, be sure to give your cat lots of extra TLC because they will miss you more than other cats might!


Leo “The Lion” Now this is truly an ideal astrology sign for a cat. Leo cats are regal in nature and know that they want the best of the best. But keep in mind that they treat everyone they care about to the best of the best as well. If this cat loves you, they will treat you like royalty. During the holidays remember that it is easy to rush around from activity to event to party and so on. But your cat is always ready and waiting to spend time with you. Treat the royal Leo cat like the King or Queen that they are, giving them special food or new toys to play with for the holidays.


Libra “The Scales” One of the things we know you’ll love about your Libra cat is how polite and well-mannered they are. This feline truly has diplomacy and can handle just about any etiquette situation that arises during the holidays. If young children want to play with the cat, the cat will happily oblige even if they would rather take a nap. If an older family member wants to cuddle the cat, the cat will let them, even if the cat is not the cuddly type usually.


Scorpio “The Scorpion” This cat is known for intensity and passion. You’ll most often recognize a Scorpio cat by looking into their eyes, they never drop their gaze. They may give you a wise look, an inquisitive one or are trying to size up whether you are going to leave your plate of holiday goodies alone at the party. This is a very loving cat but always remember that when this cat decides it wants something, most likely it is going to get it!


Sagittarius “The Archer” Nothing could be more fun than spending time with your cat during the holidays. And nothing could be more surprising and unique than spending time with your Sagittarius cat during the holidays! Sags are known for having a wonderful sense of humor…they sometimes play practical jokes too. Keep an eye on Christmas or Chanukah décor, as your cat may decide to move it. Christmas ornaments may get batted off the tree and chased around the house.


Capricorn “The Goat” Your Cappie cat loves to live in the lap of luxury. We caution you about this so you know if you hold a holiday party, they are going to be tempted by the “best of the best” goodies and treats that you put out for guests. Now it doesn’t matter if your cat doesn’t normally eat or drink them, because they are “the best” your cat has simply decided that they are theirs to enjoy, however they wish. Do your part, by tempting them with their own kitty version of the best to enjoy and perhaps a new toy.


Aquarius “The Water Bearer” Some think these cats are always logical and unemotional, but this isn’t quite true. What you’ll want to know about the Aquarius cat is that they are especially innovative. If you’ve added a baby gate, to keep them away from a house guest for the holidays who is allergic to cats, you can almost guarantee that your Aquarius feline will figure out how to open, jump over and even dismantle that gate! It is much better (and easier) to look into their eyes and explain the situation, your cat will simply avoid the person, much to everyone’s amazement. That’s innovative!


Pisces “The Fish” This cat is dreamy and perhaps even a bit psychic. If you are thinking about making your popular meatball h’ors deourves for that holiday party and see the cat napping, don’t be surprised if the very nano-second the thought pops into your head – the cat is slinking around your legs, meowing and ready to help you make tempting treats. Your Pisces cat is the one who will know when their favorite relatives will arrive for the holidays – twenty minutes before their car is in your driveway.

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