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Interview with Feng Shui Expert LuAnn Cibik – Using Feng Shui with Your Cat


Feng Shui has become more and more popular, with people becoming interested in how it may benefit their lives. The proper placement of objects in your home, the energy (or “chi”) and also the colors in your home according to Feng Shui may all point to how something will manifest in your world. As a cat lover and owner, it may interest you even more to know that you can use Feng Shui to benefit your relationship that you have with your cat!

We are honored today to have LuAnn Cibik at PurrfectCatNames.com to discuss Feng Shui. LuAnn Cibik, MEIA, CSC is a Feng Shui expert. She owns Inner Harmony.org and is an Interior Alignment® Practitioner. She is also a Certified Medical Qigong Therapist, is experienced with Holistic Color Therapeutics and has studied both western and eastern astrology. She is based in rural Pennsylvania and offers classes and workshops to teach students to use Feng Shui and how to balance energy in their lives.

PurrfectCatNames: What is Feng Shui?
LuAnn: The words Feng and Shui are two Chinese words, that mean wind and water. The ancient Chinese, for over 4,0000 years, used this term to describe how our environment, both things we see and those we cannot, influence our lives. This includes everything from the arrangement of your furniture in a space, to give you a sense of power and support, to the colors, textures, shapes and scents in a space. In the specific School of Feng Shui that I use and teach, called Interior Alignment®, we also look at the 21 century health issues within a space as well. InteriorAlignment® was founded by the remarkable Denise Linn, who also loves animals dearly!

PurrfectCatNames: Why should pet parents and cat lovers learn about Feng Shui? How can
it help you with your cat?

LuAnn: Interior Alignment® Instinctive Feng Shui is about creating spaces that are in alignment with nature, and use the power of nature to support what should happen in a space. Animals are far more sensitive to the energies within a space that we humans are. By creating a space that is more in harmony with nature, your pets will be more at ease, not as anxious, and even get along better with each other!

PurrfectCatNames: My cat always seems to gravitate towards his favorite spots, even though I try to make other places comfy for him. Why does he prefer these spots? Is this Feng Shui?

LuAnn: Yes, it could be! Animals understand the concept of what we call ‘Command position’ or ‘Power Position’, as it evolved to keep us alive! Animals will choose this aspect of having their back protected, and a clear view of what’s coming towards them when they have that option. Cats, also sense out areas of high energy, anything from earth energy lines or even from electronics. Some of this is not healthy for them, but then enjoy the ‘buzz’. (Such as it’s not healthy for them to sleep on top of the TV or the Wi-Fi modem) It could also be the texture or the color that your cat is sensitive too, but probably most influentially is the scent or the sounds as animals have much more refined sense in these areas. And, even though
you can’t ‘see’ thee things they also influence the space, and are part of
‘Feng Shui’.

PurrfectCatNames: How can you use Feng Shui to make your new cat or kitten feel welcome in your home?

LuAnn: First, think of whether to put a safe place for them where that have Command position. (Their back to a wall, sides protected and a view of what’s coming into the room or towards them).

Then, limit the use of artificial air fresheners and floor cleaning chemicals, as cats are very sensitive and can also become ill. When they walk on the floor they pick up chemicals on their feet, and then consume it when they lick their paws and clean themselves. (This was not an aspect the ancient Chinese needed to think about, but we do in our modern times) I love essential oils as these are made specifically from plants(and not chemically made), but all cat owners need to know that cats are very sensitive to these as well, and you should make sure this is not someplace that your cat can lick or play with.

Using nature sounds in your home is a purrrfect way to have your new kitten feel at home. Bird song, or water fall sounds can help drowned out some of the more manmade sounds. Using color of nature in their spaces (soft greens and browns) will also help them to relax. Even if animals can’t ‘see’ color the way they do, color is a wavelength that affects all beings, and emulating the colors of nature in a space make the space feel more relaxing.

PurrfectCatNames: How can Feng Shui encourage multi cat homes to live harmoniously?

LuAnn: Just as with a family of people, you want to make sure each four legged family member has a place to eat and place to sleep and optimally to go to the bathroom. While some sharing is possible, when we work with people; if there is a family of four, we make sure each public shared space in the home (kitchen, dining room, family room, etc.) has seating or space for each family member – so four chairs at the table, etc. IF you have four cats, then four food bowls, four beds, etc.

Another item to try would be the use of Flower Essence (such as Bach brand), to add to their water. This is not the same as essential oil, and can be used with animals safely in their water. There are Flower Essences specifically to reduce tension or fears, and while is seems a bit ‘crazy’, all I can say is that it works!

PurrfectCatNames: How can pet parents use Feng Shui to help introduce a new cat to
a home where there is already a cat (or other cats)?

LuAnn: Part of Feng Shui is the use of intention. In Interior Alignment® we have an expression ‘Where Intention Flows, Energy Goes’. So, by starting off with the intention that all animals will get along great and holding that intention in your heart and mind, you will see the energy template for this to occur.

If you are planning a new addition to your fur family, start telling the existing family members about the new brother or sister they will have. When I have planned new family members, I have shared a photo of the new baby with my existing four leggeds, and talked to them about how they need to be a good ‘big sister’ and help teach the new one how to live in a family. I describe to them what I want. I believe that animals may not understand each word, but I do believe that can connect to our thoughts, and sense what you are meaning. So make pictures in your mind of how happy you wish them all to be together. And tell the ones you have how much you love and adore them! Then, create a ‘family photo’ area, with pictures of all your animal companions, perhaps make a collage, or frame each photo separately. Group them together, showing that they ‘get along’ symbolically. Perhaps place this photo grouping on a pink cloth, as pink represents and energy of love and compassion.

PurrfectCatNames: Does your home’s energy or objects foretell anything about the type of cat you will have in your life? Can you change this to help attract a different cat?

LuAnn: Your home’s energy does create an energy or focus on different aspects of your live. If you have a house that holds the energy or lessons about abundance, you might have an easy time making money, or have an abundance of cats, or have pets that are a constant drain on your resources. All are associated with abundance; it just depends on how you are honoring that energy.

Your house can also affect how YOU feel about things. So if you current house and it’s décor is feeling cluttered, disorganized and chaotic, it could make you feel the same way… and when you are in that kind of energy /mind field… then like attracts like. Changing your home to have the kind of energy or emotion that you want to have… or want your future pet to have, is what we do in Feng Shui.

PurrfectCatNames: Does changing the objects in your home change your cat’s behavior and mood? I ask this question for example because we have recently moved and as we’ve opened more and more boxes, my kitten Penguin gets very excited and races around, literally bouncing off the walls!

LuAnn: Animals are so connected to the energy of a space! It could be the objects in the space (Penguin might just LOVE boxes) or it could be that this home has more energy flowing through it…and he is reacting to it.

PurrfectCatNames: What can a pet parent do quickly to improve the Feng Shui in their home?

LuAnn: Think of how to bring more nature into the space. This can be as simple as opening up with the curtains and blinds, and letting fresh air into the space as well as natural sunlight. Adding plants into a space also uplifts the energy, just be sure to choose plants that are not harmful to your kitties. They will adore you if you plant some catnip for them indoors!

Feng Shui faceted crystals hanging in windows or from lights move energy around in a space, making it feel more vibrant, and that’s a great uplifting energy to have. And, the rainbow lights that bounce around the room are great fund for cats to watch and chase!

Then look around to see if YOU are also honored in your home. Your animal friends would not want you to feel sad, or anxious or stressed. They respond to that. So, it’s not being selfish to make sure the Feng Shui of the space honors your intentions and goals in life as well.

PurrfectCatNames: What do you find most interesting about pets and animals?

LuAnn: I find that having pets keeps me more connected to nature. They know when it’s a full moon, or when a storm is coming. When humans live more in the cycle of nature’s rhythms and flows, we are healthier and happier. Our four footed friends can also be our teachers in terms of listening closely and living in accordance to nature! Cats hold the message or Magic and Mystery, so by inviting cats into your life, you are entering into the realm of possibilities of having amazing experiences!

Visit www.inner-harmony.org or contact LuAnn Cibik at luann@inner-harmony.org to learn more about how Feng Shui can enhance your & your cat’s life!







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